Nas Daily Breaks Up With Girlfriend Of 6 Years, Will Remain Friends

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Nas Daily & Dear Alyne Break Up After 6 Years Together

Popular content creator Nas Daily has broken up with Alyne Tamir, also known as Dear Alyne. They were together for six years.

The pair cross-posted a video documenting their full relationship on their respective social media. Lasting nearly 13 minutes, Nas claims that this is the longest video he has ever put out.

They showed the highs and lows of the relationship, and took an honest approach in explaining why they did not work out.

The video not only depicted their best moments travelling the world, but also some of their fights and ugly moments.

Nas Daily & Dear Alyne travelled the world as a couple

The 13-minute video started out with Nas Daily and Dear Alyne sitting in a dark room. Facing the camera, they revealed to viewers that they had broken up.

The clip then cut to a montage of their six-year relationship. The footage included those from their travels to Malta, Uzbekistan, Utah, India, and Papua New Guinea.

Source: Nas Daily on Facebook

However, they also showed a side of their relationship that is not as rosy. Notably, there were videos of the couple arguing in the car and at home.

Pair could not fulfill each other’s emotional needs

Then the two of them explained their perspectives about why the relationship ended to each other, on camera.

To Alyne, she felt that she was not getting the attention and connection she needed, as Nas was always focused on the company.

In response, Nas said that he got to a point where he was not even taking care of himself, let alone the relationship.

At one point, Nas confessed that he had come to the conclusion that he does not have the emotional capacity that Alyne requires to feel like a priority.

Source: Nas Daily on Facebook

“I had it for a month, a year. But I cannot have it for 60 years,” he said.

Alyne then replied, “I don’t think that’s true. I think you 100% do. I think you are afraid of investing.”

To which, Nas admitted that yes, he was very afraid of investing in the relationship.

Grew to become 2 different people with different aspirations

Finally, the pair came to a consensus that they have become different humans with different goals and priorities in life.

In the captions, they said that the audience were the first to know about their relationship six years ago.

“That’s why you also deserve to know about the end of our relationship,” they wrote.

Apparently, this is the longest video they have ever made, standing at almost 13 minutes long.

nas daily

Source: Nas Daily on Facebook

With this video, they hope that they can help someone avoid the same mistakes they made before it is too late.

“Until then, Alyne and I will remain good friends. We have zero regrets. Because…no growth of the heart is ever a waste.”

While fans may be sad to see the couple’s relationship end, we’re sure everyone wishes Nas and Alyne the best for the future.

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Featured image adapted from Nas Daily on Facebook.

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