Nas Daily’s First Meet-Up In Singapore

Nas Daily is no stranger — at least, not since he started praising all things Singapore to the stars.

Last month, his girlfriend wrote on Instagram and that both she and Nas will be moving to Singapore to set up their company.

Today (2 Apr), Nas confirmed that with a Facebook post. The world-travelling Harvard graduate is coming to settle on our sunny shores.


Star in Nas’ video during the meet-up

In his words, he wants to “arrive with a bang”.

And to all fans’ delight, he, his girlfriend and the rest of his team be holding a 2-hour long meet-up session from 4-6pm on 20 Apr.

It’ll be a chance to talk to the vlogger himself, star in his inaugural ‘I’ve moved to Singapore’ video, and even showcase your talents for a chance to work at his new office.

Location of meet-up not yet announced

While the date has been fixed, the venue has not.

But you can RSVP on the Facebook events page he put up — maybe as a way of seeing how many people to expect before choosing a venue.

If you were looking to work with him, better put your best smile on, and your best foot forward.

Featured image from Isreal21c.