$600,000 Worth Of Bribes For Ex-National Library Board (NLB) Manager, Who Faces 56 Corruption Charges

48-year-old Ivan Koh Siong Wee stands accused of taking $600,000 worth of bribes from a company director.

This may sound like your standard bribery court case.

Only, this time, it involves a library of all places. Who said books were boring huh?

By the books? Not quite.

Ivan Koh had worked as a National Library Board manager in 2005.

While 49-year-old Low Pok Woen was the director of Database Resource Services Pte Ltd.



The company, incorporated on 17 Nov 2005, is based in International Plaza along 10 Anson Road.

Low hoped to advance his business interests with NLB, which suggests their under-the-table deal had something to do with running NLB’s database.

56 offences from 2005 to 2009

The offences were allegedly carried out from 2005 to 2009.

With bribes offered as gratification to Koh for a total of $595,230, under 56 separate charges.

Low and Koh were charged with the same number of offences for the bribery.

Currently, an $80,000 bail has been posted for the two of them.

A truly daring crime

Singapore has had its fare share of daring crimes.

We’ve covered some of the most outrageous white-collar crimes in our short video series here.

Given that most people still think working in a library looks something like this:


We’re pretty shocked that this NLB manager, almost absconded with this much money.

Stay tuned for the pre-trial conference, which will commence on Thursday (30 Aug).

Featured image from National Library Board.