NDP Funpacks Have Different Designs, S’poreans Show Theirs Off Online

With National Day approaching, Singaporeans have begun collecting their National Day Parade (NDP) funpacks and goodies since Monday (20 Jul) for the impending celebration.

Containing items like face masks, sanitisers and thermometers, the content of the NDP2020 Singapore Together Packs have been the hot topic of discussion.

However, some are starting to take an interest in the fun packs themselves.

NDP funpacks come in random designs

A netizen who recently collected hers posted a photo of her tote bag, which featured a cartoon of 7 uniformed students hoisting up a Singapore-flag-themed cake.

NDP fun packSource

This sparked off a sharing session where Singaporeans began posting photos of their own unique bags as well, each featuring a different Singapore-themed illustration.

Tote bags feature Singapore landmarks

Some illustrations featured bold black strokes of various Singapore landmarks, such as the Esplanade and the Sir Stamford Raffles statue.

NDP fun pack


The bottom half of the bag also depicts modern architectural marvels like the Singapore Flyer and MBS, along the Marina Boulevard. Of course, the illustrator made sure add some fireworks, for an extra festive flair.

ndp fun packSource

Aside from gleaming skyscrapers, Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats also get a special feature, as the place many Singaporeans call home.

The patriotic shades of red and white, complemented by the Singapore flag outside every unit, scream of our love for the country.

No Singapore without the people

Perhaps aiming for a more personal connection, the artist for this bag drew a family in the middle, surrounded by Singaporeans from all walks of life.

Our everyday heroes like the firefighters and policemen are part of the circle, which forms a loving, safe distancing embrace around the family.


There are also those who have dedicated their artwork to the front liners at the heart of the COVID-19 battle, as seen in the design below: 

ndp fun packSource

An adequate slogan, ‘Together A Stronger Singapore’ is sprawled across this illustration, alluding to how Singapore is stronger thanks to the united effort of our selfless frontliners and the entire nation.

Some designs much simpler than others

It also seems like Singapore has its own share of budding Picassos. This design is so abstract, we’d suggest you go ahead and interpret it as you wish.

NDP funpackSource

Like some of the most highly-prized pieces featured in galleries, some artworks can only be appreciated by those of exquisite eye and tastes.

If you’re thinking too hard about that design, let us calm your tense mind a little with this adorable one, supposedly of a merlion atop the Marina Boulevard.

fun pack


The owner of this bag has his doggo get in on the art appreciation as well.

And these are not even all of the variations yet.

Beautiful & useful packs for everyone

Excited about the designs? You can collect these Singaporean Together Packs at the Community Centres (CCs) and Residents’ Committees (RCs) from now till Aug 2.

Surprise yourself with what design you can possibly get, while enjoying the perks of all the useful items inside.

This NDP may not be like any other, but at least we can still celebrate the occasion with small tokens like the funpacks. Hurry and collect yours soon.

Featured images adapted from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.