Strangers Offer M’sian Man New Motorcycle For Changi Prison Visits, He Declines But Appreciates Help

Strangers Offer Malaysian Father New Motorcycle & Round-Trip Transportation For Changi Prison Visits

Recently, the story of a Malaysian father who visits his son in Changi Prison twice a month gained a lot of attention on the internet.

M’sian Man Takes 2am Trips Across Causeway To Visit Son In Changi Prison Twice A Month

His love for his son touched the hearts of many, and strangers showered the man with support.

Some even offered to buy him a new motorcycle and sponsor round trips for him to visit his son safely.

He kindly declined the generous gifts but expressed how grateful he is for their kindness.

Public wants to sponsor new motorcycle for his visits to Changi Prison

In order to visit his son in Changi Prison, Cheong Kah Pin rides a motorcycle across the causeway at 2am twice a month.

After the public learnt about the great lengths the 67-year-old goes to for his son, they were very moved.

However, 8world News reported that many people were worried for his safety too.

Some of them even got in touch with the news site, offering to purchase a new motorcycle for Mr Cheong so he can ride to Changi Prison with greater ease.

However, he declined the offer, explaining that he has been riding his motorcycle for over 20 years.

Furthermore, he had just spent RM500 (S$150) on repairing his rusted tires. As such, he saw no need to get a new vehicle.

Source: 8world News

Some folks also offered to arrange round trips for him. Although he was extremely grateful for their kindness, he rejected them as he prefers making trips early in the morning.

After all, he does not want to trouble them by making them stay up late to help him book a car.

Gained lots of support for his vegetable business

Besides these generous offers, Mr Cheong also received a great amount of support for his vegetable business.

He shared with 8world that his produce was completely sold out for two consecutive days, earning him over RM200 (S$60) a day.

Source: 8world News

The public also offered to help him sell his vegetables online to allow more customers to purchase from him.

However, he also declined this offer as he is not proficient with technology. Furthermore, he has never done deliveries before either.

Not only that, he does not grow his vegetables in bulk. Thus, he does not have the capacity to sell them in such large amounts online.

As such, he would be grateful if customers just continue to support his vegetable stall, which is located in Pasar Awam Taman Johor Jaya.

Has had many heartfelt interactions with strangers

Speaking to 8world, he shared that he has had many memorable interactions with strangers.

For instance, a lady in her 40s came up to Mr Cheong and told him to take care of himself while crying for roughly 10 minutes. This made him feel very touched.

In fact, before his interview with 8world started, a few passers-by gave him items like cake, buns, and even cash.

Source: 8world News

He shared that all these kind actions and words deeply comfort him.

Thanks to the public’s concern for his safety and health, he has even arranged for a medical check-up to take better care of himself.

It is truly heartening to see all the love and support for Mr Cheong.

MS News wishes him the best of health and we hope that the public will continue to show so much care for him.

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Featured image adapted from 8world News.

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