New York Bar has S’pore-inspired cocktails such as ‘BTO’ & ‘Chiobu’

New York Bar named ‘Singlish’ has Singapore-inspired cocktails

In the heart of New York City, a bar named ‘Singlish’ offers more than just drinks — it’s a nostalgic sip of home for Singaporeans seeking familiarity overseas.

On 20 Feb, local actress-host Caitanya Tan shared her entertaining visit in a TikTok video. The bar’s menu features cocktails with names playfully derived from Singlish or Singaporean terms.

While not every concoction perfectly mirrors the country, Tan appreciates the platform it provides for Singaporean recognition on the global stage.

Bar has menu offerings such as ‘BTO’ and ‘Chiobu’

In the video, Tan, 36, shared that her Singaporean friend who is living in New York brought her to the bar.

@caitofalltraits There is a bar in NYC called ‘Singlish’ so as Singaporeans, must complain! #singlish #nycbars #foodieSG ♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar

Interestingly, her friend revealed that the owners aren’t Singaporean, and the bar’s decor is also not inspired by the country. In a tongue-in-cheek tone, Tan said she felt compelled to go in and “complain”, embodying the authentic Singaporean spirit.

Upon viewing the menu, however, she was met with amusement by the names of the cocktails.

In particular, one of the cocktails was named ‘BTO’, which stands for Build-To-Order, Singapore’s real estate development scheme. The drink is a remake of the Lion City’s iconic Singapore Sling.

Source: @caitofalltraits on TikTok

In jest, Tan teased that a BTO in New York was only US$26 (S$34.90).

After looking through the exquisite selection of cocktails, she eventually settled on ‘The Cleanest City’, which is also a rendition of the Singapore Sling. It features a mixture of non-alcoholic gin and heering cherry liqueur, pomegranate and citrus.

Source: @caitofalltraits on TikTok

Moreover, they couldn’t overlook the ‘Chiobu’ punch that her friend ordered — a concoction of white wine (baijiu), jasmine tea, Sichuan pepper, blood orange, and cardamom.

Source: @caitofalltraits on TikTok

The cocktails also came tagged with humorous descriptions, such as a disclaimer to not say ‘chiobu’ to one’s significant other.

A look at the food menu showed the same cheeky treatment. There were light bites with names such as ’40 Licks’ (marinated duck tongue) and ‘Money Bag’ (chicken wrapped in spring roll skin).

Bar elevates Singapore’s standing on global stage

The pair engaged in good-natured banter, playfully poking fun at menu items such as the ‘Chope’ cocktail, which was described with the incorrect pronunciation ‘cho-peh’.

Even so, Tan expressed no discontent with how Singaporean lingo was incorporated into the bar’s menu. She added that Singapore also offers the cocktail ‘Manhattan’, acknowledging that it doesn’t necessarily encapsulate the essence of the iconic town.


She drew similarities between Singapore and New York City, stressing that both cities are “very open to diversity”. Moreover, she noted that establishments like this bar piques people’s curiosity and provide Singapore with “a platform for recognition”.

Speaking to MS News, Tan said although she didn’t stay long and was there just for the novelty of it, she highly recommends the experience. The cocktails were delicious and she appreciates the humour behind the names, she said.

“NYC bars are all either vintage and showcase history and grit, or new and ostentatious. This one was somewhere in between and packed a sense of humour with great ambience and even greater tasting cocktails,” she added.

If you’re visiting New York City sometime, here’s how you can get to the bar:

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Address: 17 E 13th Street, New York, NY 10003
Opening hours: 5.30pm to 12am daily, closed on Mondays

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