Ng Kok Song Wishes To Finance Presidential Campaign Himself, Relies On Social Media To Spread Message

Ng Kok Song Wants To Pay For Presidential Campaign Using Own Savings

As Singapore’s presidential candidates begin to embark on campaign efforts, Mr Ng Kok Song visited the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital on Thursday (24 Aug), where he said he went “as a companion” to his fiancée Sybil Lau.

Together, the pair toured the hospital’s facilities and services, which included the dementia ward, Senior Care Centre, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) services.

During his doorstop, Mr Ng discussed his fiancée’s interest in caring for the old and sick. Because of that, he wishes to champion causes that render assistance to those in need.

Additionally, the 75-year-old fielded questions from the media regarding his presidential campaign.

Ng Kok Song focusing on social media for campaign

When asked about expenditure on his campaign, Mr Ng shared that candidates must adhere to an S$800,000 limit. He personally decided to spend much less.

Mr Ng said that he decided to focus his campaign on social media as he wishes to be economical with his spending.

He has also declined any political donations, saying that he does not want to be “beholden to anyone”.

As he wants to finance his campaign with his own personal savings, he cannot afford to spend too much.

Mr Ng estimated that his social media campaign will only amount to “a third” or “at most 40%” of the budget.

The 75-year-old then noted social media’s fantastic value for money, considering the scale of the outreach.

Social media campaign unlikely to exclude older voters

Responding to queries from MS News on whether the focus on social media will miss out on older groups of voters, Mr Ng said he had to make a decision as he does not have the manpower and resources other candidates have.

He also noted that the older generation must not be underestimated when it comes to the use of social media.

Voters in their 70s and 80s would often reach out to him, complimenting him on his campaign.

“Social media is penetrating not only the younger generation, but the older generation,” he said.

Due to his reliance on social media, Mr Ng is counting on the younger generation and the social media savvy to help spread his message.

By communicating on his campaign with their senior family members, he hopes that the younger generation can enlighten the older citizens who will be able to learn from them.

Ng Kok Song accompanies fiancée Sybil on hospital visit

In a statement to the media, Ms Michelle Lew, the hospital’s Director of Ambulatory Services, thanked Ms Lau for the visit.

Apart from visiting the hospital’s facilities, Ms Lau and Mr Ng interacted with some of the nursing home residents.

Despite his high praise of social media, Mr Ng said that we can never “displace totally personal communication”.

“This is what Kwong Wai Shiu (KWS) is showing us today, that there are people stricken with dementia…who’d otherwise be living alone at home but when they come to KWS, they get to meet their friends who are here,” said Mr Ng.

For the 75-year-old presidential candidate though, he displays a savviness to social media that not many his age can rival.

Hopefully, his strategy will serve him well throughout his campaign. We’re certainly keen to see the outcome when 1 Sep comes around.

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All images by MS News. Photography by Iqmall Hayat.

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