Ninja Van Shares How To Get Help Via Official Channels For Issues

Many of us are shopping online more especially due to the ‘Circuit Breaker’, so receiving several deliveries a day isn’t uncommon.

For one netizen, she didn’t think twice about paying a deliverer when a parcel arrived. However, it turned out that she had paid $40 for a $5 mask.

She took to Facebook to talk about the incident, mentioning that she’d made a police report. You can read about that here.

MS News spoke to Ninja Van, who shared with us the background on the incident and how it’s being resolved.

Summary of incident

In summary, the OP appeared to have received a questionable parcel from a seller on Wednesday (12 Aug). After forking out $40 & finding the $5 mask within, the OP posted her account on social media.

Apparently, Ninja Van’s representative shared that based on their Customer Service team’s records, the OP didn’t appear to have reached out to the brand.

Ninja Van claims they had made attempts to reach out to her since yesterday morning.

Didn’t have seller’s info for last-mile deliveries

Because Ninja Van received her parcel for last-mile delivery from a shipping consolidator of international parcels, they didn’t have the seller’s information.

They’ve since raised this issue with the shipping consolidator, who has arranged for the payback. Ninja Van is assisting in processing the refund for her at the moment.

How Ninja Van’s operations work

Ninja Van operates with logistics & door-to-door delivery.


In this case, it involved an order from a shipping consolidator, 1+1 International Logistics — aka Ninja Van’s client. which is in charge of “last mile delivery” — getting the package to customers straight to their homes.

This is also why, as a ‘middle player’, Ninja Van didn’t have first-hand information on who the direct seller was.

It’s different from regular shipments involving e-commerce brands — where buyers know directly who the sellers are.

Helping customer get a refund

The shipping consolidator and NinjaVan are working together to process the refund. At the same time, the consolidator will be in touch with the netizen regarding this.

They have acted on previous feedback provided by Ninja Van to combat unethical parties.

The end result is that Ninja Van will refund the shipping consolidator & concurrently process a refund for Ms Peng.

Urged to step forward regardless of amount

Ninja Van told us that they remain committed to assisting authorities in investigations to help create a safer environment for e-commerce in Singapore.


Customers with issues are strongly urged them to step forward and contact Ninja Van, regardless of the amount involved, via these 3 official channels.

  • Live Chat (
    • Hours: 9am-9pm, Mon-Sat
  • Email (
    • Responds within 24 hours
  • Hotline (+65 6602 8271)
    • Hours: 8am-10pm, Mon-Sat

The main info to include is the tracking ID, which will be kept confidential, so they can investigate the case ASAP.

A safe e-commerce environment for all

Since the ‘Circuit Breaker’, the e-commerce scene has seen a three-fold volume increase. As part of the ecosystem, the brand does want to see it thrive.

But with more shoppers, it is their duty to remain fully committed to the cause, although they’re not directly involved.

With everyone’s cooperation, a safer experience can be had for all.

It’s unfortunate that the incident occurred, but we’re glad to see that the netizen will receive a refund after all.

Featured image adapted from TechInAsia via Pinterest.