Nissin Cup Noodle Headphones Is More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Nissin Partners With HyperX To Create Headphones

Update (1 Apr): The original post on Nissin’s website has been taken down. Maybe next time, cup noodle lovers.

Most people may know Nissin as a cup noodle brand.

But the Japanese brand recently partnered with HyperX – a gaming accessories company – to create headphones with a truly crunchy sound.

Here’s a closer look.

Headphones rock eye-catching look

Instead of conventional earpads that look boring AF, why not rock two cup noodles instead.


Sport this along Orchard road and watch even the most exclusive hypebeasts stare in awe at your bold fashion statement.

Immersive audio experience

Audiophiles out there may wonder if the music quality is as impressive as it looks.

From what we can see, these headphones wrap around your entire ear to completely surround you in music.


Additionally, the thick earpads are sure to do a fabulous job in blocking out all the haters you encounter on the streets.

Comfortable and cushiony

If you were wondering how comfortable these headphones are, we really can’t say since how a headphone feels is often a personal preference.

However, the plush cushioning of the earpads is said to be made up of patent-pending “Noodlette” technology and is said to be “woven together with noodle fibers” to deliver the “silky soft caress of ramen noodles for your ears”.

“Microphork” uses noise-cancelling technology

HyperX is known for their gaming headsets and we can definitely see a touch of gaming practicality with the detachable “Microphork” mic.


During the heat of battle, any sound distractions from snacking may divert your attention long enough to cause an in-game death.

With “Microphork’s” special feature, you can now munch on your favourite Nissin noodles without being distracted by the “slurping sounds”.

Probably an April Fools’ prank

Even though there are many interesting products that Nissin comes up with, this product is probably an April Fools’ joke.

A closer look at the post reveals many inconsistencies. Diggin deeper for more information also reveals that there are no statements from Nissin or HyperX.

We contacted Nissin and even they didn’t know of such a products existence.

But we guess with Nissin’s product line, a cup noodle inspired headphone wouldn’t seem out of place.


As of 1 Apr, these exclusive headphones are all sold out. Or perhaps they were never for sale to begin with.


Even though it’s most probably part of an April Fool’s joke, we’ll still be crossing our fingers and hoping that it’ll start selling again.

Featured image from StupidDope.

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