NOC’s Samantha Allegedly Disparaged By CEO Sylvia, Kicking Off Saga

The Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) soap opera has hogged headlines recently as it has everything – alleged staff mistreatment, lawyers’ letters, contrite apologies, police reports and even a sex video.

But it all started from screenshots of text messages showing NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan allegedly making disparaging remarks about a talent named Samantha Tan.

In yet another twist in the tale, Samantha might be getting much more famous soon – like movie star famous.

That’s because she’s just been cast in Jack Neo’s next movie.


Even the way she learnt the good news was dramatic: Jack Neo broke the news to her in a live-streamed video as she was on a cruise.

Samantha auditioned for Jack Neo’s movie

Jack Neo’s movies greatly appeal to Singapore’s heartlanders. They usually sweep the box office, making household names out of the cast.

So when he announced that he’s holding a casting call for his next movie ‘Ah Girls Go Army’, it spurred aspiring actresses into action.


Samantha and her pals were among many who created a series of TikTok videos as auditions.


Casting results announced over live stream

The results were announced by Jack Neo himself during a live-streamed video on Saturday (23 Oct) night.

In it, he and actress Apple Chan personally called the lucky ladies one by one, capturing their surprised and thankful expressions in real time.


When it came to Samantha’s turn, she seemed speechless, managing to say only, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Remarking that she was on a cruise, Jack Neo said it’s rather special that she received the good news in such a fashion.

Apple also said that Samantha looked like she was going to cry.


Samantha previously won NOC talent show

Samantha’s no stranger to coming out tops in talent contests, though, as she was the winner of kNOCk Out Season 1, a talent scouting show produced by NOC.


However, this was marred when Sylvia later said that she was upset about Samantha’s 3-year bond with a government agency – meaning she wouldn’t be able to sign a full-time contract with NOC, the “grand prize” of the reality show.

This was refuted by Samantha herself, who took to Instagram to say that she’d informed NOC about her government bond prior to signing the contract.

She also claimed that NOC’s lawyer had reviewed her contract beforehand to ensure she could have both contracts running concurrently.

A brighter future ahead

Now that Samantha has snagged a role in a Jack Neo movie, perhaps she can put the saga behind her.

After all, judging from the career trajectories of the ‘Ah Boys To Men’ actors, she might have a brighter future.

We’ll be looking forward to catching her on the big screen in Feb 2022 – wonder if she’ll send Sylvia a complimentary ticket?

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Featured images adapted from JackNeoCK on Facebook.