Norwegian Air Pulls Out Of Singapore-London Route After A Year

Close to a year after the glorious announcement of S$240 direct flights to London, Norwegian Air will be halting the service by early Jan 2019.

Citing overly competitive costs due to fuel, the short-lived deal was truly too good to be true.

Fly Directly From Singapore To London With This Norwegian Budget Airline At Just S$240

No more budget London flights

Although Norwegian Air hasn’t made an official statement, news outlets have reported that they intend to replace the service with a direct flight from Rio de Janeiro instead.

This could be their bid to expand in Latin America with a new service from Rio de Janeiro to London’s Gatwick Airport, to be launched by “Spring 2019”.

Full refunds for customers past 12 Jan

Customers who have booked flights after 12 Jan will be offered either:

  • A full refund
  • Alternative flights

Alternative flights to London?

Looks like Singapore Airlines and Qantas – which still charter direct flights to London – will be the biggest winners from this decision.

They also made Top 5 of Changi Airport’s punctual list by the way.

So if you’re considering a trip soon, do take note.


However, be warned that their prices could be less competitive — but way more sustainable as compared to Norwegian.

Short-term gain, long-term pain

To all the Singaporeans who survived the 12 hr 45 min journey on Norwegian’s short-lived direct flights to London…

Consider yourselves one of the lucky few who lived to tell the budget tale.

Featured image from Changi Airport Group on Facebook.