Singapore’s 23°C Temperature In Nov Might Save You A Trip To Genting For The Holidays

Singapore’s Daily Lowest Temperature Could Reach 23°C In Last 2 Weeks Of Nov

Cloudy mornings have been greeting Singaporeans the last few days. If you were feeling grateful for reaching office without breaking a sweat the past week, things are about to get better.

Because Genting-like weather is coming our way on certain nights in the last 2 weeks of November, as foretold by Meteorological Service Singapore.


Yep, that means hello to 23°C temperature in the night, making it perf to grab a sweater, make hot tea, and enjoy Netflix as if you were in the highlands.

Cooler weather for rest of Nov due to more rain

In their fortnightly weather outlook, Meteorological Services of Singapore noted that more rain is expected in the last 2 weeks of Nov.


Hence, there’ll be slightly cooler weather compared to warm days that were undoubtedly felt by everyone over the past weeks.

Daily temperatures will be between 24°C to 33°C on most days.

Lowest daily temperature could reach 23°C

Given how Singapore weather can be grossly unkind during non-monsoon periods, it’s no surprise that any mercury plunge beyond 25°C will get us tropical citizens excited.

The weather agency further brought music to our ears – or eyes, for accurate context – with this exact sentence,

On a few nights, the daily minimum temperature could reach a low of around 23°C.

If you’re still wondering whether a sweater is practical for nightly leisure activities in town, perhaps now may be the best time to find out.

Though frankly, we’re still reminiscing the unforgettably chilly 21°C weather in Jan 2018

Always grateful for good weather

Our tropical weather may not be the best to those of us who brave relentless sunshine and harsh thunderstorms.

But it’s nice that every now and then, we get the relief we need when temperatures are lower than the norm.

This ends our short update on the weather for the month. What will December weather bring? We’ll bring you the latest deets as soon as we have them.

Featured image adapted from Unsplash.

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