Novena MRT Lift Breaks Down, SMRT Staff Help Seniors In Wheelchairs Up The Stairs

Novena MRT Station Staff Praised For Helping Seniors When Lift Breaks Down

When a lift or escalator breaks down, many of us might shrug at the inconvenience and choose to take the stairs.

However, it might be difficult for those who have trouble moving around, like the elderly.

On Monday (13 Nov), a lady shared on Facebook that the lift at Novena MRT station broke down. Hence, some SMRT staff went forward to help the elderly up the stairs.


She praised them for their kindness and said more Singaporeans should learn from them and look out for one another.

SMRT staff help elderly up Novena MRT after lift breaks down

According to the Facebook post, a lady witnessed several SMRT staff at Novena MRT station helping the elderly folks up the stairs.

The lift had reportedly broken down, and there was a long queue of seniors on wheelchairs at the station’s platform.


The OP deduced that the queue likely comprised elderly patients heading towards Tan Tock Seng Hospital for their medical appointments.

In one picture, a female SMRT staff could be seen supporting an elderly woman as she made her way up the stairs.


The lady said every SMRT staff was doing their best to ensure that every elderly person got the help they needed.

Look out for one another

Concluding her post, the lady said when times are unexpectedly tough, we should look out for one another, especially vulnerable groups in need.

At press time, it is unclear if the lift has been fixed.

MS News has reached out to SMRT for more information and will update the article when they get back.

Heartwarming to see elderly being assisted

It is heartwarming to see people coming together to assist those who had difficulties moving around.

We as citizens can also be more aware of our surroundings and lend a helping hand to those in need.

In the meantime, we hope the lift will be up and running again soon so that more elderly folks can travel up the platform to get to their destination smoothly.

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Featured image adapted from Jamaliah Hassan on Facebook

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