Novena Traffic Junction Splits Into 2 From 18 Oct, Underpasses To Close For North-South Corridor Works

Novena Traffic Junction Splits Into 2 From 18 Oct, Underpasses To Close For North-South Corridor Works

Singapore’s roads seem to constantly be under construction, with new roads, tunnels and MRT stations coming up, and road works always being conducted somewhere.

But although they may cause temporary inconvenience, they often make our lives easier in the long run.

One example is the construction of the underground North-South Corridor (NSC), which will split a traffic junction in Novena into 2. It will also cause 2 underpasses to be shut down.


Cross junction splits into 2 T-junctions from 18 Oct

From Sunday (18 Oct), motorists will see changes to the major cross junction where Thomson Road intersects with Newton Road and Moulmein Road.


It will be split into 2 T-junctions instead — 1 where Moulmein Road ends at Thomson Road, and the other where Newton Road ends at Thomson Road.


According to The Straits Times (ST), the road reconfiguration will begin at 8pm on Saturday (17 Oct), but traffic will still be able to continue as normal.

It will finish at 10am on Sunday (18 Oct).

Motorists will spend a longer time getting through

Due to the extra set of traffic lights, motorists can expect slight delays to their journeys along these roads.

Travelling along Thomson Road will take an estimated 2.5 minutes more during peak hours.

Those travelling between Newton and Moulmein Road will take up to 5 minutes longer — as they would have to get through 2 junctions, as well as make 1 right turn plus 1 left turn.

Drivers are advised to look out for signage on the ground for guidance on the affected roads.


2 pedestrian underpasses to be shut in 2021

It’s not just road traffic that will be affected — pedestrians will also have to get used to some changes.

The pedestrian underpass that connects Novena MRT to Goldhill Centre and United Square will close in the 1st quarter of next year, reported ST.

Novena North-South CorridorSource

Another underpass, which connects Velocity@Novena Square to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s Revenue House across Thomson Road, will be shut in the 2nd quarter of next year.

Temporary overhead bridges will take the place of these underpasses while construction works go on.

This will add an extra 2 to 3 minutes to the usual walking journey of pedestrians.

However, they can also use the street-level pedestrian crossings on Thomson Road.

Bus stop to be relocated

For bus passengers, they’ll have to take note that the bus stop in front of Velocity@Novena Square will also be relocated.

Novena North-South CorridorSource

It’ll be shifted 70m up the road to Royal Square from Sunday (18 Oct).

That will result in a slightly longer walk to Velocity@Novena Square and Novena MRT.

These changes to the Novena area will last till at least late 2022.

Check out this video from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) for more information:

NSC will smoothen travel to the north

These road reconfigurations and changes are to facilitate the construction of the NSC.

Singapore’s first integrated transport corridor will be 21.5km long and connect the north of Singapore to the city area.


Once completed, it will provide motorists with smoother and faster journeys to and from the north, alleviating the heavy traffic on the Central Expressway and along Thomson and Marymount roads.

It will also have continuous bus lanes, which are also expected to shave about 10 to 15 minutes off bus travelling times.

In line with the LTA’s car-lite vision, the NSC will also have cycling routes and pedestrian paths that link up with the Park Connector network, enhancing connectivity for all.


Though the NSC is slated to be completed by 2026, the project may see delays due to the impact of Covid-19.

Exciting new developments ahead

Although the slated construction works will be sure to disrupt motorists and pedestrians’ lives, the LTA assures that it will continue to ensure the safety of all.

Despite the inconvenience caused, we’re excited to see the developments that will come with the new NSC.

After all, there’s no gain without pain.

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