SAF Officer Charged For CFC Liu Kai’s Death In Bionix Collision, Could Face 5-Year Jail Term

Singapore Armed Forces Officer Charged For Bionix Collision With Land Rover Involving NSF

The loss of a Singaporean son is never an easy one. Especially for 22-year-old Corporal First Class (CFC) Liu Kai, who was involved in a tragic Bionix-Land Rover collision last November on his sister’s birthday.

Now, his heartbroken family may finally see some closure.

An officer and 5 others will be charged for their involvement in the tragedy today (25 Oct), close to a year after the accident.


SAF officer charged for “rash act causing death”

Channel NewsAsia (CNA) reports that 28-year-old Captain Ong Lin Jie will be charged with “a rash act causing death” of then full-time National Serviceman (NSF) Liu Kai.


CFC Liu Kai had passed away in just 25 minutes, after a Land Rover and Bionix tank collided on Saturday (3 Nov), and the lives of his friends and family were irrevocably changed forever.

Court documents stated that Captain Ong, who was commander of the Land Rover, is accused of “failing to keep a safe distance of 30m between the vehicle and the Bionix”.

As such, this inadvertently resulted in the Bionix reversing and mounting the driver’s side of the vehicle, ultimately causing CFC Liu’s demise.

If the court finds him guilty of the charge, Captain Ong will face up to 5 years’ jail and/or a fine.

5 men who shared WhatsApp photos face up to 2 years’ jail

Pursuant to the Official Secrets Act, 5 more will be charged for taking and sharing photos of the crash without authorisation.

Here are the offences and who will be charged under them:

1. Took photos & disseminated them on WhatsApp

  • Muhammad Arif Bin Azman
  • Mohamad Haikal Bin Mohamad Zainal Abiddin

2. Received & shared photos without authorisation

  • Brandon Tan Jien Jet
  • Muhammad Zaki Bin Haji Mokhtar
  • Thng Yu Xuan

Due to the “sensitive nature” of the photos, these 5 men could be liable for “wrongful communication of official information”, if found guilty of the charges.

They may face up to 2 years’ jail term and a fine of up to $2,000, reports Channel NewsAsia.

May CFC Liu Kai finally rest in peace

Captain Ong will be charged in court today (25 Oct), and although he will face due justice if found guilty, our hearts are still with the family that CFC Liu Kai left behind.

May they find solace in the verdict, and we hope that Mr Liu Kai will rest in peace.

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Featured image adapted from Liu Kai’s Family via The Straits Times and Army Technology.

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