Malaysian Couple Finally Take First Wedding Photoshoot At 90 Years Old

Time may have taken away their youth, but romance remains everlasting for this pair of lovebirds in their 90s from Malaysia.

Thanks to a kind wedding planner whom the couple met by chance, 92-year-old Mr Chen and his 90-year-old wife, could finally have their first ever wedding photoshoot.


Even with pale hair and wrinkly smiles, their radiant expressions brimming with love and happiness are reminiscent of a young wedded couple.


The best part? Immortalising their love for one another didn’t cost them a single cent.

Joco Lico Bridal & Studio – the company behind this endearing endeavour – uploaded the couple’s wedding photos to Facebook on 15 Jul.

15 ringgit romance

According to the Facebook post, Mr Chen travelled from China to Malaysia – then Malaya – when he was 20 years old.

Stepping foot onto foreign land, this is when Mr Chen decided to spend his early adulthood toiling away to build a life. At this point, he’s taking home a measly salary of S$4.98 (RM15) per month when he meets the love of his life.

Mr & Mrs Chen when they were young

He tells her earnestly,

I have no money. But will you be with me?

She says yes, and the rest is history.

Bravest woman he ever met

Mr Chen thinks Mrs Chen is the “bravest woman in the world” for choosing to be with him in spite of his humble earnings. He shares,

She took a gamble with her youth. I cannot afford to let her lose.

In keeping his promise to her, he decides to quit his job and they start a business together.

Mr & Mrs Chen looking at a photo of their younger selves

Their efforts pay off. Comfort streams steadily into their lives once the business flourishes.

Couldn’t afford wedding photography 66 years ago

When the couple got married 66 years ago, they didn’t get the chance to take a wedding photo together due to financial constraints.

Even their ceremony was a simple affair. It was held in a coffee shop.

Now, Mr and Mrs Chen make quite the handsome couple in their wedding attire. Mr Chen dons a tuxedo, while Mrs Chen wears a white bridal gown complete with a veil.


Upon seeing his bride of 6 decades, Mr Chen exclaims,

You’re so beautiful.

She smiles. It must be nice hearing compliments from your spouse even though you’ve been together for a long, long time.


Wedding photography was entirely free

Sin Chew Daily reported that the couple, based in Sarawak, East Malaysia, only had 1 engagement photo taken of them before getting hitched. They didn’t think of commemorating their matrimony with later photos too.

As fate would have it, they met a wedding planner in a coffee shop, who learnt their heartwarming love story.

She was so touched that she offered them a chance to take the wedding photos they never got to, for free.

Despite worrying that it was a scam, Mr and Mrs Chen took a leap of faith. And everything turned out beautifully, as captured in their collection of photos.


You can view the entire album here.

BRB, grabbing tissues

In a time when love can be a fickle thing, stories of elderly couples living their best lives, like Mr and Mrs Chen, show that romance can indeed stand the test of time.

If you’re reading this story and feeling all mushy inside, send it to your significant other so that you can both bask in this comforting thought — real love stories have no endings.

Here’s to keeping love alive, no matter the age.

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Featured image from Facebook.