Omicron Spreads Across HK Hotel Hallway, CCTV Footage Shows No One Left Their Rooms

Omicron Spreads Across HK Hotel Hallway, Signals Possible Airborne Transmission

As medical experts and scientists continue researching the Omicron variant, new discoveries about it are being made every day.

Recently, it was noted that the Omicron variant may have spread across the hallway of a hotel in Hong Kong. What was worrying was that the 2 individuals did not leave their room, nor have contact with one another.

Thus, health authorities fear that the Omicron variant could be airborne.

Omicron spreads across HK hotel hallway despite no contact between patients

According to Bloomberg, the Omicron variant spread between 2 fully vaccinated travellers across the hallway of a Hong Kong quarantine hotel.


Upon checking the CCTV, footage showed that none of the infected persons left their rooms, nor had any contact. Health authorities are unnerved by how easily transmitted the virus seems to be.

In a study published on Friday (3 Dec) in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases by the researchers at the University of Hong Kong, it was noted that airborne transmission was the most probable mode of spread.

The transmission could’ve happened when respective doors were opened for food collection or Covid-19 testing, the authors posited.

Due to the “unprecedented” number of mutations in the spike protein, it has raised concern that the Omicron virus could evade vaccine-induced protection. Hence, this might worsen a surge in Covid-19 cases and delay the opening of economies.

Around 450 researchers around the world have begun urgent studies to understand to what extent Omicron’s mutations could affect vaccine effectiveness and increase transmissibility. A World Health Organisation (WHO) scientist said the global effort may yield answers in a few days.

Hope more clarity on the variant will be provided soon

Should the Omicron variant be proven to be airborne, it would definitely be a hindrance to living with Covid-19.

Hopefully, with a global study being done on the variant, more clarity will be provided with regards to its transmissibility.

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