Ong Ye Kung & Lawrence Wong Remind S’poreans To Follow Covid-19 Rules During CNY

Ong Ye Kung & Lawrence Wong Wish Singaporeans Happy CNY

Celebrating Chinese New Year in a pandemic era for the second year in a row hits differently.

For starters, you’ll need to plan each visit around the daily 5-pax visitor limit and do the same when you’re going out for gatherings with friends.

With that in mind, our Multi-Ministry Task Force co-chairs Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung saw it fit to remind Singaporeans to follow all safe management measures during Chinese New Year.

Here’s a summary of what they said in the video.

Ong Ye Kung & Lawrence Wong highlight safe practices during CNY

According to the video, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung begins by saying that Singapore is in the middle of an Omicron wave, and we can expect cases to rise sharply.


Even though the new variant is less severe than Delta, vulnerable groups, such as seniors and those suffering from preexisting medical conditions, could still fall seriously ill if infected.

Both Minister Ong and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong then remind Singaporeans to:

  • follow all safe management measures
  • keep to groups of 5
  • test ART negative before visiting someone vulnerable, e.g. seniors above 60, unvaccinated people, people with serious illnesses
  • don’t go out if you’re not feeling well.

Consume CNY goodies in moderation

Regarding the last point, Minister Ong stresses that there’s no need to test negative and go out.

Just don’t go out because you may still infect them.

He also takes the opportunity to remind everyone to consume CNY goodies moderately.

Highlighting that CNY goodies usually contain a lot of sugar, salt, and fat, Minister Ong says it would be wise to eat in moderation.


The video then ends with Minister Wong urging Singapore residents to do their part and exercise personal responsibility so that everyone can have a safe and meaningful new year celebration.

Take care & be socially responsible

It’s not easy to celebrate an important festival amid growing safety and health concerns about the Omicron wave.

However, we’re grateful that we can still have the chance to keep to tradition and host reunions and house visitations together.

The only difference is that we have rules and limits to follow. So be socially responsible and don’t get into trouble.

MS News wishes everyone Happy Chinese New Year.

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