Outdoor Exercise Only Allowed In Own Neighbourhood, S’poreans Advised To Work Out At Home

SportSG Announces Outdoor Exercise Only Permitted In Immediate Neighbourhoods

Yesterday, Singapore introduced more stringent ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures, including more regulations on exercising.


Now, authorities are adivising residents to exercise at home, or keep their outdoor workouts within their immediate neighbourhoods.

Outdoor exercise only allowed in immediate neighbourhoods

According to SportSG’s updated advisory, Singaporeans must exercise outdoors alone, and only in their immediate neighbourhoods.

To be clear, this refers to the neighbourhood which your block stands in.

Exercising and gathering in groups is not allowed. You can’t travel to other parts of Singapore to exercise as well, to reduce cross-island movement.

This means no more scenic runs around the Central Business District (CBD), unless you live nearby.

You don’t have to wear masks for intense exercises like running, jogging, cycling, static exercises or strenuous walking on uneven terrain, but they must be worn at all other times.

Try to work out at home instead

Though exercising outdoors is still allowed, Singaporeans are encouraged to work out at home.


This is in line with keeping movement to a minimum, and helping to reduce community transmissions even further.

If you need help on how to get started, ActiveSG offers free online home workout classes, which you can access on their website here.

Continue exercising and keeping fit, responsibly

Exercising and keeping fit boost one’s immunity, which is why we should all continue to work out.

That said, we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to linger outdoors. We should return home once we’ve completed our workouts, and only go out when absolutely necessary.

As PM Lee said yesterday during his address, it’s not just about following the letter of the law, but upholding the spirit of the guidelines. This means reducing our movement as much as possible, and staying home.

The extension of ‘Circuit Breaker’ for another month wasn’t a pleasant announcement, but we’ll have to learn how to deal with it. Here’s to another 6 weeks of home workouts and fitspo to all of us.

Featured image adapted from NParks

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