S’pore TikToker films parents requesting ‘leave’ from cat to go on holiday, feline doesn’t look amused

S'pore TikToker films parents 'taking leave' from cat before holiday, it does not look amused

TikToker records parents informing cat they’ll be away for a few days, says they’re ‘applying leave’

It’s a tale as old as time: Asian parents start out being staunchly against having pets at home — only to give in eventually and become wrapped around the furkid’s paw.

Such was the case for the person behind the TikTok page @mimaothecat.

Although her mum and dad initially said no to having a cat, they’ve since fully embraced their status as Mimao’s “peasants”.

In fact, the OP’s parents were recently filmed informing the feline that they were going on a trip for a few days.


My parents need to apply leave even tho they have retired 🤷🏻‍♀️ #catsoftiktok #cat #cats #sgcatlovers #catlovers #sgcats #fyp

♬ ぐだぐだな感じ – yuki

The OP jokingly likened it to them telling their boss that they were going on leave.

Parents filmed ‘applying leave’ from pet cat

On 3 April, the OP behind @mimaothecat posted a video of her parents having a very serious-looking conversation with their black-and-white kitty, Mimao.

First, her dad is seen telling Mimao that he’d be overseas for three days.

parents cat leave

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

“You won’t see me tomorrow night,” he stresses.

Mimao doesn’t seem too thrilled with the news, judging by how she looks away in disapproval.

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

Next, it’s mum’s turn to break the news to Mimao about their three-day absence from ‘work’.

parents cat leave

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

Once again, the feline looks unimpressed.

“I’m not accepting your excuses, peasant,” the OP jokingly wrote as a caption representing Mimao’s thoughts.

parents cat leave

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

In her caption, the OP quipped that her parents still need to apply for leave even though they have already retired.

Looks like they both report to a new superior now.

Other pet owners say they do the same to their pets

The adorable video struck a chord with other pet owners, who admitted that they also do this to their furkids.

One user said they do this because their cat remembers their daily routine, so if something changes, they need to update him on the plan — and he seems to understand.

parents cat leave

Source: TikTok

Another said they also inform their cats when they’ll be away for a few days.

While the felines usually don’t seem to care at first, they’ll start getting “anxious” after three days and wait by the door for their owner to get home.

Source: TikTok

As for whether Mimao approved the leave request, the OP said she had “no choice” because of “employees’ entitlement”.

Source: TikTok

Cat spent next few days wondering where parents went

The next day (4 April), the OP shared another video updating everyone on how Mimao was doing.

On the first day, Mimao was just “confused” about why her “peasants” weren’t serving her breakfast as usual.

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

She also kept looking out the door and sleeping on their bed, suggesting she missed them.

parents cat leave

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

By Day 2, she finally came to terms with the fact that her “peasants” were on leave.

Source: @mimaothecat on TikTok

The OP’s parents certainly don’t forget about Mimao when they’re away, though.

According to the OP, whenever she calls her parents while they’re on holiday, they will only ask to see the cat.

Source: TikTok

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Featured image adapted from @mimaothecat on TikTok and TikTok.

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