Pasir Ris Red House, Once SG’s ‘Most Haunted Place’, Is Now An Atas Preschool

Pasir Ris Red House Has Been Converted Into An Atas Preschool

Singaporeans have probably all heard stories about the ‘haunted’ Pasir Ris Red House. You know, the one at 191 Jalan Loyang Besar.

There have been countless tales, myths and legends about the abandoned house. For many teenagers, venturing into this spirit infested hell-hole was a test of courage.

But if you planned to head down this weekend to show off your courage, we have bad news for you: the overgrown weeds and eerie setting are long gone.

In their place? A spankin’ new preschool.

History and urban legends


According to API (Asian Paranormal Investigators), the Red House was built in 1938 and was used for communal services for the villagers of nearby Kampong Loyang. Think of it as a predecessor to today’s Community Centres.

In 1964, it was sold to CK Tang (yes, that Orchard Road Tang), who lived in the house for a few years. After Mr Tang vacated the premises, the house was left vacant again. This time for almost 4 decades.

An old, uninhabited house left in ruins is certain to spawn supernatural stories and the Red House was no different. Everything from the stone lions at the gate to the rocking chair inside the house was said to be haunted.

Rituals even developed around the house. To ask for permission to enter the house, you had to throw two coins. If you got 1 head and 1 tail, you were allowed to enter.

The stone lions at the front gate also had to be given an offering. Some gave them sweets, while others offered cigarettes. But by not presenting an offering, you were putting yourself in grave danger.

Transformed into something scarier…a school?

In March 2014, Remember Singapore reported that the Red House was being renovated and cleaned up.

Soon after, Odyssey Preschool opened its third campus in Singapore at the now less-scary looking Red House. In other words, the ‘haunted’ Red House, has now been turned into an atas preschool. 

Odyssey prides itself in being a global preschool that is “specifically designed for innovative and exploratory learning amongst children”.

The chio campus lives up to to this promise, with no traces of ghosts or creepy lion statues.

They have a playground that looks like this:


A canteen that looks more like alfresco Italian restaurant than haunted bistro:


Not to mention, spacious classrooms that look like this:


A place known for its despair and horror is now filled with the laughter of young children — a happy ending to a supernatural urban legend.

Featured image from Google Maps and Calvin Teo.

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