Uncle In Pek Kio Makes Portraits Using Twigs, Netizens Applaud His Unique Talent

Pek Kio Uncle Makes Portrait Of Woman Using Twigs & Stones

It’s easy to forget that the elderly uncles and aunties we see in our neighbourhood have lived long lives full of unique experiences and stories.

A curious netizen who had always wondered what an uncle at Pek Kio was doing with sticks and stones finally went to investigate on Thursday (15 Jul).


As he approached the uncle along Owen Road, he was surprised to see a work of art where the twigs and stones laid.

For the uninitiated, this is the same uncle who went viral for making portraits out of twigs.

Uncle Makes Twig Portrait Of Lady In Pek Kio, PAP Alvin Tan Shares His Story

Pek Kio uncle sits & makes portraits from twigs

On Thursday (15 Jul), Facebook user Mr Chua shared his experience of meeting a masterful artist on his morning shopping run.


Mr Chua said that he had seen the uncle at the same spot on previous occasions when he stopped by Owen Road to purchase food.

He was apparently aware that the uncle was moving twigs on the floor but never knew what it was for.

Finally, on Thursday (15 Jul), curiosity got the better of him and he went over to take a look at what the uncle was up to.

Pek Kio uncle uses twigs and stones to create portraits

Much to his surprise, the uncle was actually creating portraits with twigs and stones scattered around the area.


Mr Chua applauded the senior’s attention to detail and was impressed by how he added eyelashes using tiny twigs.


The uncle is reportedly in his 70s and was friendly when approached. However, being camera shy, Mr Chua wasn’t able to snap a picture of him.

He ends off the post by saying that, “regardless of education, gender, orientation and age, art holds no boundaries nor restrictions.”

Netizens applaud his unique talent

Netizens who came across the post were clamouring for the uncle’s artworks to be included in various museums across Singapore.


Another netizen suggested that while it appears to be a portrait of a random lady, it could have been the face of someone he holds dear.


Likely the same uncle featured by MP Alvin Tan

Though unconfirmed, this is likely the same uncle whom MP Alvin Tan featured leading up to GE2020.


In the post, which has since been taken down, Mr Tan described the uncle as being “wildly creative” and said the senior would form such images by the pavement every night.


Hopefully inspires others to pursue their interests

Talent in the arts is like fine wine — it gets better with time.

We’re happy to see the uncle continue exploring his artistic talents and the wholesome reaction to the art he created.

The uncle’s determination to pursue his passion in his silver years certainly serves as inspiration for others to do the same and a timely reminder that age is merely just a number.

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