We Asked People At Pink Dot 2015 One Question, This Is What They Said

After this, you’ll know why more and more people turn up at Pink Dot every year

Pink Dot SG, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rally celebrating the freedom to love, breaks a record every year.

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This year, Pink Dot boasted an exceptional crowd of 28,000 pink-clad Singaporeans dotting the grounds of Hong Lim Park last Saturday (13 June).

But they aren’t just any 28,000 people. They’re 28,000 symbols of beliefs that are relentlessly stood up for amidst a strong culture of discrimination and intolerance.

So for the first time, we headed down to Pink Dot for a deeper look into why 18 of these 28,000 people believe what they believe, by asking them one simple question:

What does gay pride mean to you?

Some answers might just make your day.

1. “Freedom to love”

2. “Equality 4 all”

Pink dot 2

3. “21 years of marriage”

Pink dot 3

4. “Being yourself!”

Pink dot 4

5. “Being free to be who you are”

Pink dot 5

6. “Being happy!”

Pink dot 6

7. “To be able to love whoever I love!”

Pink dot 7

8. “Being myself, allowing myself to love everyone and especially myself! #self-acceptance #IAmReady”

Pink dot 8

9. “A world without prejudice, ignorance and hate”

Pink dot 9

10. “Freedom to be who I am”

Pink dot 10

11. “There is no right or wrong to LOVE”

Pink dot 11

12. “Freedom to love, supporting equality, getting together with friends and we are all the SAME!”

Pink dot 12

13. “Knowing I can love without all the hate”

Pink dot 13

14. “To be proud of who you really are and not be afraid to show it.”

Pink dot 14

15. “Celebrating life and love in all its colour and standing together for freedom and equality.”

Pink dot 15

16. “Ensuring everyone’s right to be themselves! Beautiful! Free! Unique! Keep up the good fight!”

Pink dot 16

17. “Celebrating #Freedom, #Equality, #Diversity”

Pink dot 17

18. “#Inclusion #Love-for-all #Stop discrimination”

Pink dot 18

A loving thank you to these 18 strangers for participating in our little project.

Your 2 minutes goes a long way in building a lifetime of acceptance towards the LGBT community.

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Do you support LGBT rights in Singapore?

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