PhD Graduate In China Only Studies & Doesn’t Socialise, Mum Fears She’ll Stay Single

PhD Graduate in China “Has No Social Life”, Mum Afraid She’ll Remain Single

In some Asian cultures, children face relatively high pressure for them to excel in their academics. However, this may also come at the expense of other aspects in life.

One such person was this PhD graduate from Zhejiang, China.

Recently, her mother filmed a video of her hard at work while sharing about how she’d spend her free time studying but not socialising.

This apparently got the mother worried that her daughter would be single for life.

Mother secretly films daughter studying

In the viral video posted on Weibo, the woman’s mother secretly films her daughter while she’s at her desk. Unsurprisingly, she’s thoroughly absorbed in work.

Source: Weibo

The woman’s mother proceeds to chastise her, ordering her to stop studying and go to sleep.

Without saying a word, the woman simply looks up at the camera and smiles at her mother.

Source: Weibo

To this, the latter continues to berate her, telling her to stop laughing.

Fears her PhD graduate daughter will remain single

After the woman completed her PhD studies in Canada, she began working as a teacher at a local university, her mother explained.

She felt satisfied and proud of her daughter’s achievements, said the mother.

However, as her daughter dislikes socialising and enjoys studying at home, her mother fears that she’ll remain single.

“She only likes to study and has no social life,” her mother lamented.

On the other hand, many netizens supported the daughter’s ambition. They praised her for her outstanding character, saying she would attract people with similar personalities as well.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to prove her mother wrong and find a suitable partner in the future.

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