Photo Of Barefoot GrabFood Rider Caught In Rain Reminds Us To Be Thankful

Food delivery riders have become absolutely essential to Singaporeans, especially throughout ‘Circuit Breaker’ and work from home (WFH) days.

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While they provide us with great convenience, we often fail to see the behind-the-scenes struggles these riders endure.

So when a netizen captured a photo of a Grabfood rider caught in the rain he decided to share the picture on Facebook.


The picture quickly went viral, garnering over 3,000 shares in just 6 hours.

Netizen shares photo of GrabFood rider in rain

On Tuesday (24 Nov), a netizen shared a picture of a GrabFood rider caught in the rain.

The rider was drenched and walked barefoot back to his bike, clutching onto the freshly collected McDonald’s order.

Photo Grabfood rider Source

He also appears to be holding onto his shoes, probably in an attempt to keep it dry.

It is a poignant photo that captures the everyday pains of being a food delivery rider, especially in Singapore’s erratic weather.

Being a delivery rider here is often tireless work, if they’re not drenched in sweat under the sweltering sun, they will have to brave the rain.

Implores others to tip food delivery riders

The photo was captured at Sengkang Sports Centre, right outside of McDonald’s.

Photo Grabfood rider Source

The netizen that shared the photo implored others to remember that when they order food deliveries, someone out there is going through a rough time fulfilling the delivery.

He urged the public that “a little tips for them will help”.

Netizens urge public to treat delivery riders with respect

The photo quickly went viral on Facebook. In just 6 hours, it garnered over 3,000 shares and almost 600 likes.

Netizens soon flooded the comments section with an outpouring of thanks for food delivery riders.

This netizen lamented that it is indeed a “tough world” that we live and hustle in.

Photo Grabfood rider Source

Others expressed that on rainy days, they would tip riders for their hard work.


Another netizen reminded Singaporeans to treat delivery riders with respect and never to take our anger out on them.


After all, we have no idea the hardships they go through just to have our food delivered.

One netizen, who is a food delivery rider himself, commented that even if we can’t afford to tip, we can offer a simple smile and thank you.


Even such small things can go a long way to letting riders feel appreciated.

We can always afford a smile and a thank you

Being a food delivery rider is definitely not easy. On top of that, they may even have to put up with impatient customers.

It’s time we treat our food delivery heroes with the due respect they deserve.

If you can afford to, remember to tip them. But at the very least, we can afford a smile and a “thank you”.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.