Grabfood Rider Told To Hurry Up In The Rain, Explains He Won’t Rush On Slippery Roads

Grabfood Customer Asks Rider To Hurry Up After 2-Hour Wait

Food deliverymen have become part of our local heroes, especially during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period. They deliver food despite bad weather or late hours.

However, a customer vented frustration on a Grabfood rider when an order was delayed by a vendor.

The rider was told to rush even though it had been raining the whole day, as seen in a Facebook post by the rider himself on Saturday (5 Sep).


The post has since garnered over 400 shares.

Grabfood customer waited for 2 hours, asks rider to hurry

According to the Facebook post, the customer, who had been waiting for 2 hours, took to the chat function of the Grab app to chide the deliveryman for taking a long time to complete the order.

Grabfood customer message to riderSource

The Grabfood rider responded, saying that he too had been waiting for the vendor to put together the meal.

He added that he was freezing because he had to reach the restaurant in the rain.

Rider's response to Grabfood customerSource

In his response, the rider says that customers should provide feedback to the company’s customer service instead of rushing the delivery person on slippery roads.

The rider concluded that ensuring the safety of delivery riders was more important than delivering food quickly.

Netizens praise the delivery rider for his reply

Netizens who read about the incident said were pleased with the professionalism of the Grabfood rider as he did not fight fire with fire.

Comment of netizenSource
Comment of netizenTranslation: Good, boss

One netizen noted that it is unfortunate that such customers are common in the industry.

Comment of netizenSource

Grabfood website states that different factors affect delivery time

Grabfood mentioned in their help site that factors such as large order volumes or order sizes may lead to a longer delivery time.

Grabfood helpsite FAQSource

They also stated that the roles of the vendor and delivery partner are separate, therefore feedback for each party should be different.

Grabfood website FAQSource

Don’t shoot the messenger — or delivery person

Making a food delivery order may not always be a smooth process.

Grabfood rider carrying bike in rainSource

At the end of the day, we should remember that Grabfood riders, one of our everyday heroes, are just doing their jobs.

Food may take longer to arrive during inclement weather, but bear in mind that riders are putting their lives on the line to rush to customers on slippery roads.

Perhaps we should be more tolerant, given the circumstances.

Featured image adapted from Flickr and Facebook.

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