Pigeon Droppings Fill London Flat After Tenants Leave Patio Door Open, Cleaning Cost S$25K

Pigeons Engulf London Flat In Droppings After Patio Door Left Open

Nobody likes having nightmare tenants that ruin your place.

It turns out, however, that human tenants pale in comparison to pigeons.

After a tenant left a patio door open in London, the feathered fiends moved in and practically buried an apartment in their waste.

The mess forced the owner to fork out around 15,000 pounds (S$25,500) to clean the place up.

Flat buried in pigeon droppings

A landlord rented out a two-bedroom East London flat to some tenants, the Daily Star reported.

A few weeks after they left, the apartment was left in a disastrous state. Yet it was not them at fault — or at least not entirely.

When the tenants moved out, they left the balcony door half-open, unaware of the catastrophic consequences of their inaction.

Over the next four weeks, flocks of pigeons moved into the “free” lodging. They took over every room and defecated on every piece of furniture.

Source: Daily Star

With free reign, they quite literally buried every inch of the flat under their bird droppings. Evidently, the queues for the flat’s toilet were too long.

The living room’s sofa and carpet, to put it as charitably as possible, were in a cataclysmic state. It looked like someone spilt buckets of paint all over them.

The feathered fiends also ransacked the place, with rubbish strewn everywhere on the floor.

Landlord finds kitchen painted over with pigeon droppings

The landlord arrived to find the apartment ‘redecorated’ by its new tenants. His eyes “popped out of his head” at the sight of the new ‘wallpaper’.

He immediately dialled for help in the form of pest control.

The pest control firm’s pigeon expert sealed himself into a protective suit, two masks, and a respirator before stepping into the pigeon-pocalypse.

He reported the stench of pigeon poop as “overwhelming” and the living room as “a sight to behold”.

Source: Daily Star

The kitchen fared just as poorly, with the laundry painted over in bird droppings. The winged menaces also coated the floor in a disgusting layer, and the state of the toaster was unlikely to leave anyone craving bread.

The expert found that the kitchen counter and stove had gone through unspeakable horrors. Bird poop was splattered across every available spot.

Source: Daily Star

Cleanup and refurnishing costs thousands

In the end, the landlord could only blame himself for not checking the property immediately after the tenants left.

He forked out around 15,000 pounds (S$25,543) for the pest control and cleanup. He also declared the flat “out of action” for a month while it underwent cleaning and redecorating.

On the bright side, the pigeons probably gave the rental flat five stars out of five.

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Featured image adapted from the Daily Star.

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