PM Lee Says 4G Team Is In Place, Appeals For Support For Next Leadership

PM Lee Calls For Singaporeans To Support 4G Team For Leadership Renewal

On Wednesday (19 Apr), Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong highlighted the need to support the 4G team as part of Singapore’s upcoming leadership renewal process.

He was speaking in Parliament on the third day of the debate on the President’s address.

During his speech, which lasted nearly an hour, he touched on other issues such as relations with neighbouring countries as well as upcoming economic and strategic challenges.

PM Lee emphasises importance of supporting 4G leadership

PM Lee said the Covid-19 pandemic showed Singaporeans the need for strong political leadership.

“Our response, and the results, would have been very different without political leaders who could set the direction, make the tough calls, and rally the people together,” he said.

Source: Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook

Despite the multi-ministry task force being in the “hot seat”, the 4G team had an important part to play in managing the pandemic.

Stating that the ministers are now responsible for the safety and well-being of Singapore, PM Lee highlighted that they cannot do it on their own. He emphasised:

They need the support of every Singaporean, including members of this House, to see it through.

PM Lee also asked for everyone to fully support Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who is at the forefront of the 4G team.

“Help me make this leadership renewal a success for Singapore, for you,” he said. “Show your support for a government that works hard and works well for you.”

PM Lee highlights upcoming challenges facing Singapore

In addition, PM Lee spoke of the need to stay firmly focused on the challenges ahead.

Source: Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook

While relations with our closest neighbours, Malaysia and Indonesia, have remained stable and positive, PM Lee stated that the situation has become much more troubling further afield. He added,

Singaporeans need to realise the gravity of the external situation. We are facing not just one storm, but several.

These includes the ongoing war in Ukraine, which continues to disrupt the global supply chain.

Worsening relations between the United States and China will spell “big trouble” as well, while the world has continued to move towards protectionism, potentially leading to high economic costs in terms of global trade.

Calls for unity in face of current difficult situation

In light of these challenges, PM Lee called for unity among Singaporeans to overcome them.

He noted that in the past, citizens have continued to remain united against numerous struggles such as financial crises, public health crises, and more.

“What we have now is unprecedented,” he pointed out, noting that the new external challenges may stress and strain the region.

First and foremost, we must remain one united people. Divided, we stand no chance.

Source: Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook

PM Lee also praised how the country managed to avoid the “schisms and factions” which troubled other societies, giving the example of the repeal of Section 377A.

In line with the move, he said Singapore must continue to find a middle ground for divisive issues and not polarise people with “grand-posturing”.

Furthermore, he encouraged citizens to have “the go-getting spirit of self-reliance and enterprise”.

This will enable the creation of prosperity for the nation and the best achievements possible in a troubled world.

Need for Singaporeans to work together with government

PM Lee ultimately concluded by affirming that in spite of its small size, Singaporeans are “not a small people”.

He reiterated the need for citizens to embrace their can-do spirit and outsized ambition to grow into an extraordinary country.

“Let us think boldly, aim high, and seek far,” he urged.

“Let us work together, government and people, to build a Singapore that we and our children will all be proud of.”

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Featured image adapted from Lee Hsien Loong on Facebook.

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