PM Lee Assures Covid-19 Won’t Dominate S’poreans’ Lives In The New Normal

S’poreans Will Learn To Carry On With Their Lives In New Normal, Says PM Lee

In his speech to address Singaporeans on Monday (31 May), the Prime Minister (PM) sketched a picture of the post-Covid-19 world.

In the new normal, he says, we will have to learn to carry on with our lives even with the virus in our midst.

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Covid-19 won’t dominate our lives, and we’ll accept that some people may get infected every now and then.

Entertainment & religious service will resume

Predicting that Covid-19 won’t disappear, PM Lee says it’ll become endemic, just like the common flu or dengue fever.

Therefore, small outbreaks of the disease from time to time, even in Singapore, will occur.

In the new normal, however, Singaporeans will mostly be vaccinated against Covid-19 and possibly taking booster shots every year.

Getting Covid-19 tests will be more frequent, faster, and easier. As such, we can go to work, attend school, and meet friends again, he said.

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We’ll also be able to take part in religious services, and enjoy entertainment and sporting events.


S’pore will reopen its borders safely in new normal

PM Lee also mentioned that in the new normal, Singapore will reopen its borders to the world.

Visitors will once again arrive at our shores, and we will be able to go overseas for holidays again.

We can travel to countries where Covid-19 is well under control once more, especially if we’ve been vaccinated.

And eventually, we’ll be able to see one another’s faces without masks again, at least outdoors.

Currently heading to the right direction

Even though Singapore still has some way to go before reaching the “happy state”, PM Lee assures the nation that we’re heading in the right direction.

That said, we may be some ways off from this happy state, he noted.

The hope is that with increased testing, vaccinating, and contact tracing, the new normal will emerge.

Envisioning a post-Covid-19 world where we can resume our daily activities will undoubtedly bring smiles to many faces.

We all long for the day when Covid-19 won’t dominate our lives anymore.

Instead, being able to live with it is hopefully the reality we’ll be in soon.

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