S’pore Food Delivery Rider Criticises PMD Ban In Viral Video, Hopes Government Will Introduce “Solutions”

S’pore Food Delivery Rider Claims PMD Ban Will “Destroy Lives”

The partial personal mobility devices (PMD) ban tabled in Parliament on Monday (4 Nov) drew mixed feedback from Singaporeans.


On one hand, some welcome the move while others who use it to earn a living were worried about the possible implications.

A food delivery rider named Kelvin Ho falls in the latter camp.

Displeased about the ban, Mr Ho took to Facebook to share a passionate 10-minute rant slamming the government’s decision and urging them to provide “solutions” for those affected by the move.

You can watch the clip in full here.

Here’s a summarised version of what he said.

Food delivery rider claims new regulation will “destroy lives”

In the video, Mr Ho described the PMD ban as “big shocking news” that will “destroy lives”, particularly those of food delivery riders.

According to Mr Ho, many PMD users and shops have made modifications to and stocked up on UL2272 devices respectively to meet the safety standards set in 2018

As a result of the latest ban, shop owners will likely be ‘stuck’ with a huge fleet of PMDs, as they are unlikely to be sold.

Mr Ho also ridiculed the idea of PMD users having to push their devices for distances that can go up to 200-300 metres before finding a park connector or shared path that they are allowed to ride on.

Urged the government to come up with “solutions”

Mr Ho also criticised the LTA’s early disposal incentive which offers $100 in exchange for PMDs that do not meet the UL2272 safety standard.

PMD Users Can Get Rid Of Non-Certified Devices Under LTA Scheme, Early Birds Get $100 Incentive

Instead, he suggested that PMD riders would be better off if authorities provided them with a motorbike for $100, and a “full-course motorbike license” for another $100.

He implied that the government failed to think of all “possible consequences” before implementing the law, and urge them to provide stakeholders with a feasible “solution”.

Mr Ho reveals that he will soon be switching to a motorbike in view of the new regulation.

Workforce Singapore will help those who “face lost income”

Dr Lam, during the parliament session on 4 Nov, shared that Workforce Singapore will assist those who “face lost income” if they are unable to find other forms of transport.

Food delivery companies like Deliveroo are also providing support to those affected, and may possibly help them transition to other modes of transport.

Specific details have not been released.

Hope riders will be able to adapt to the new regulation

Regardless of which side you’re on, we hope everyone affected by the PMD ban – especially those who use them in their line of work – will find solutions for the new regulation in the future.

There will be a ‘transition period’ till the end of the year for PMD, which means riders will only be fined if they are caught riding on footpaths till 1 Jan 2020. We hope riders, will by then, be able to adjust to the new regulations.

That said, do you agree with the partial ban that the government introduced?

One local forum contributor seems to have other solutions in mind.


Do you agree with him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and SGCarMart

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