Prata Lands On M’sia Customer’s Face During Failed Stunt, He Gets S$15 Compensation

Prata Flies Into M’sia Customer’s Face During Flipping Stunt, Restaurant Pays S$16 In Compensation

Man Gets Hit In Face With Prata During Flipping Stunt, He’s A Good Sport About It

Our mothers always told us not to play with our food. But some restaurants have turned that into an art form, with Haidilao’s noodle dances being one famous example.

Over in Malaysia, one eatery has become known for its entertaining “flying” roti canai, or roti prata as it’s more commonly called in Singapore. As part of the performance, workers spin prata dough around skillfully and toss it to each other like a frisbee.

During one recent stunt, however, the prata dough seemed to have a mind of its own and landed on a customer’s face.

Fortunately, he was a very good sport about it. The restaurant also gave him S$16 (RM50) as a small token of compensation.

Flying prata smacks customer in the face

On Saturday (28 May), Facebook user Marytankh Tan shared a post about her visit to Roti Terbang Mizan Kampung 6, a restaurant in Malacca.

They were enjoying one of the “flying” prata shows when the sheet of dough suddenly flew right into her husband’s face.

Source: Marytankh Tan on Facebook

The hilarious incident happened when one of the workers tossed the prata into the air and tried to catch it, but missed.

Roti Terbang Mizan Kampung shared a different angle on their TikTok page and wrote, “Sorry boss”.


#fyp #rotiterbangmezankampungenam #TakeBestShot sorry boss

♬ original sound – mezan rotiman – mezan rotiman

Fortunately, the customer was a great sport about the whole thing and simply laughed it off.

The person who recorded the close-up of his prata slap, presumably Ms Tan, can also be heard screaming in laughter in the background.

Though there was no harm done, the restaurant gave the man S$16 (RM50) as a small token of compensation.

prata face stunt

Source: Marytankh Tan on Facebook

Netizens praise customer for good attitude

Netizens commended the customer for being such a good sport. After all, not everybody would be so happy to get a faceful of dough like that.

prata face stunt

Source: @rotiterbangmezan on TikTok

The restaurant’s Facebook page also left a comment on Ms Tan’s post, thanking her husband for being so sporting.

prata face stunt

Source: Marytankh Tan on Facebook

One user joked that the prata could have beauty benefits, calling it a “special” mask made of different ingredients.

facebook comment

Source: The Rakyat Post on Facebook

Some users even remarked that they want the same thing to happen to them when they’re there. It certainly would make for a very memorable visit.

facebook comment

Source: The Rakyat Post on Facebook

If you plan to visit Malacca any time soon and want to drop by to catch a “flying” prata show for yourself, here’s how to get there:

Roti Canai Terbang Mizan Kampung Enam
T487, Kampung Enam, Bachang, 75300 Malacca, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 6pm – 12am (Mon – Sat)

Drop by for unique prata experience

It’s not often that we go out to eat prata and end up with such an amusing experience. In this customer’s case, he even got some cash out of it.

While a few sceptical folks have brushed this off as a publicity stunt, one thing’s for sure — planned or not, it obviously helped the restaurant gain plenty of attention.

Would you visit this restaurant just to catch the “flying” prata show? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Marytankh Tan on Facebook.

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