You Can Admire Pokémon & Gundam Merch At Premium Bandai’s Online Showroom With 360° Views

Premium Bandai Online Showroom Has Various Pokémon & Gundam Merch

Ask any diehard anime fan, and they will tell you that a massive store packed with action figures and collectables is their paradise on earth. Or it could be the fabled Akihabara district in Japan.

But now that we’re grounded, carting out online is the way to go.

It’s hard to beat the physical experience of browsing and shopping in brick-and-mortar setups, but a virtual showroom like Premium Bandai’s can strive to provide an escapade that’s just as fulfilling.

Add free delivery to that and you’ll be living the otaku dream, snagging all the merch you’d like without worrying about forking out more for them to be sent to your home.

Singapore’s official online store for Bandai products has launched a sleek digital emporium, where you can check out an assortment of Pokémon and Gundam merch in 360-degree views.


We’ve sifted through their catalogue so you can take your time to admire some of the best finds there.

Kirby the super cute warmer

Introducing Kirby, one of Nintendo’s iconic mascots. If he could manifest a physical form in this world, you’d want to hug him all day to keep WFH stresses away.

Kirby Plush USB Warmer – $71

The good news is that you can actually do that. Besides being an impossibly cute plush toy, Kirby also doubles up as a USB warmer.

Given February’s invigoratingly cool weather that’s stripped of the usual humidity, we can agree that having a warmer for the monsoon season can be nice.

Image courtesy of Premium Bandai

Also, if aircon coldness gets to you easily, Kirby can be the companion you need to power you throughout the day. Just remember to power it up too by charging it.

Pokémon figurines bring humans & monsters together

Anime fans who’d rather have their prized merch on display than in their arms would love the Pokémon Scale World Sinnoh Region figurine set.

Bringing together human characters and various Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, the set imagines a world where both species co-exist.

Pokémon Scale World Sinnoh Region Roserade, Gastrodon, Spiritbomb & Togekiss Without Gum – $58

Avid collectors would want to add Roserade, Gastrodon, Spiritbomb, and Togekiss to their collection to complete their set of Diamond and Pearl series figurines.

Image courtesy of Premium Bandai

Measuring between 45mm and 75mm in height, they’ll look adorable in your display cabinet or on the shelf above your WFH desk. Hustling on the computer all day won’t be a bore anymore.

Re-GZ Custom Gundam from the Metal Robots Spirits series

Turquoise and purple are colours you’d rarely see on a Gundam. But these hues add to the sophisticated and majestic look of the Re-GZ Custom mecha from the Metal Robots Spirits series.

Metal Robots Spirits <Side MS> Re-GZ Custom – $215
Image courtesy of Premium Bandai

Click into the product to admire the finer details. The modelling was done with precision under the supervision of Mika Akitaka, the OG designer of the Gundam.

But the Re-GZ custom can do more than stand there and look pretty.


Equipped with action gimmicks, each part of the model, such as the beam cannon in the back weapon system and the ability to go into flight mode, is adjustable.

White Rider & Black Rider from Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2

Catching titanic combat vehicles in action can be equally thrilling when you get to be in control of them. Players of many Gundam games, like Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2, can attest to this.

In celebration of the new Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy’s release on PS5, Premium Bandai has launched 2 of the 3 main mobile suits in the game – White Rider and Black Rider.

The White Rider sports a glorious crown-like headgear as it brandishes its Prototype Shekina weapon and wing binder equipment.

HG 1/144 White Rider – $29

Depending on your mood of the day, you can alternate between a guarding stance or an offensive position.


Then, there’s the Black Rider, a mobile suit fielded by the Black Dog squadron in the game. With its steelyard tactical unit on its back, it’s an advanced combat unit meant to dominate the battlefield.

HG 1/144 Black Rider – $29

The Black Rider also wields deadly Heat Knives, which you can position to make the model kit look ready to slay.


Nobody’s going to mess with your collection now.

Exclusive Soul of Chogokin power-up set

More classic anime aficionados would be familiar with the super robot Chogokin toys that took the world by storm in the 1970s.

In a new rendition, the Soul of Chogokin Gaiking comes with movable features like the chest and Power-up Counter Cross on the left and right knees.

Soul of Chogokin Gaiking

To enhance the figurine even further, Premium Bandai has added other Power-ups such as the arm, leg, and foot armours that’ll make your Gaiking look even more intimidating.


The set also comes with a Daikumaryu complete with its own Power-ups, including a Miracle Drill, Giant Cutter, Big Horn, and Borg Eye, so you’ll have plenty of parts to fiddle around with to make up your favourite combination.


The Power-up option set is available exclusively on Premium Bandai, which means that you’ll be getting your hands on some valuable collectors’ items.

Soul of Chogokin GX-100X Gaiking & Daikumaryu Power Up Option Set – $258
Image courtesy of Premium Bandai

Nothing would please a toy collector more than unique pieces like these, which will give your already impressive assortment of figurines a legit boost.

Comfy Gundam loungewear

Fluffy pyjamas and loungewear are the last things you may expect to find in a merch store. But that’s exactly what you’ll get to check out too in the online showroom.

This loungewear collection is a collaboration between Mobile Suit Gundam and fashion brand STRICT-G.

STRICT-G Mobile Suit Gundam Fluffy Loungewear Zip Hoodie Red Comet – $237

There are 3 designs to choose from – Red Comet, Zeon, and E.F.S.F – each featuring a tasteful colour combo of either red and black, olive and light green, as well as white, blue and red, respectively.

STRICT-G Mobile Suit Gundam Fluffy Loungewear Long Pants Red Comet – $186

Each hoodie comes with matching long pants, so fans of the OG Mobile Suit Gundam series can stay snug in their air-conditioned room at night while showing off their love for Char Aznable, the Zeon nation or the Earth Federation.

Free delivery for Premium Bandai members

While you’ve probably shopped online countless times before and are fine with 2D sample photos, nothing beats viewing the products you want from all angles.

At the Premium Bandai online showroom, you can use your mouse to turn each product whichever way you’d like, to inspect it to your heart’s content.


You can thus fully envision the product’s appearance before confidently adding it to your cart and checking out.

New members who register and complete the redemption before 29 Mar will get a ‘Free Delivery’ voucher deposited to their account in Apr 2022. They can then use it on their next purchase of Premium Bandai items.

To find the Premium Bandai lightbox and redeem the voucher, you can visit their online showroom here.

Since free delivery will strictly be available to members only, be sure to register to enjoy the exclusive offer.

Existing members need not fret as they can also enjoy free delivery with any purchase from 12pm on 19 Feb to 11.59pm on 21 Feb. Make sure to do your shopping then to get the perk.

Take your online shopping experience to the next level

Despite the convenience of online shopping, you can’t deny the advantage physical shopping has, such as allowing you to see and feel products for yourself.

Now that there’s a way to get one step closer to that experience, you can shop online with even more confidence.

For toy collectors especially, picking the exact model you want won’t be much of a headache any more once you’ve studied each product up close.

So go forth and explore this wonderful opportunity and treat yourself to a merch-buying spree.

This article was brought to you in collaboration with Premium Bandai.

Featured image courtesy of Premium Bandai.

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