Primary School Kids Say Thank You To Pest Busters At Canberra Walk

As we start staying home to protect ourselves from Covid-19, many of us are inevitably feeling disconnected from the outside world.

However, these two primary school kids show us that we need not feel powerless during this situation. In fact, with a kind heart and creative mind, we can still make someone’s day.


Two sisters, Cui En and Cui Ying, tossed a handwritten thank you note to pest control workers from their homes, going out of their way to show gratitude.

Their kind gesture empowers many others to lend support to Covid-19 frontliners, toiling hard to keep essential services running.

Primary school kids tossed note from home

According to a Facebook post, the pest control workers were taking a break at the loading area under the 2 sisters’ block at Canberra Walk.


Cui En and Cui Ying spotted them and decided to cheer the trio on with a thank you note.

Romeo and Juliet style, they tossed the piece of paper from the 5th floor.


Despite the precarious method of delivery, the note eventually fell in the hands of its intended recipients.

Motivated the team of frontliners

Though their note was written on a Wellington Primary School foolscap paper without elaborate decorations, their simple words were enough to make the workers’ day.


Especially during this period of anxiety, receiving such support means a lot to fellow Singaporeans still out and about due to their jobs.

Separated but still united

These two primary school kids show us that social distancing does not mean that we cannot be social anymore.

Simple gestures like a handwritten note or a packet drink can be a huge source of comfort to our everyday food delivery man or supermarket cashier, keeping us united in the face of adversity.

Though we are unable to physically cheer them on, through our actions and words, we can still be of help to frontliners. Most importantly, we can help them most by being responsible and staying home instead of socialising unnecessarily.

Kudos to the 2 girls for their commendable act of kindness!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook