Pringles Japan Has 161cm Cans On 11 Nov, ‘Cause Chips Are The Only Baes You Need

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Giant Can Of Chips Created In Japan For Pringles Day, Only 11 Lucky Fans Got To Taste It

You know that famous phrase “Once you pop, you can’t stop” popularised by the potato chips brand Pringles?


Now it has taken on a whole new meaning – literally.

On Fri (11 Nov), which is officially Pringles Day, Pringles Japan created an exclusive giant can of chips just to celebrate this day.


The can stands at a height of 161cm and seems to hold a never-ending flow of our beloved snack.


Unfortunately, only 11 cans were made and given out to lucky fans through a lottery draw.

Giant can of Pringles exists in Japan

In celebration of Pringles Day on Fri (11 Nov), Pringles Japan announced on Twitter that it was giving away 11 cans of chips standing at a towering height of 161cm.


The company did give away some to the media for them to try. A reporter from SoraNews24 was one of the lucky few to receive a tubular package at his office.


Bewildered at what such a tall tube could contain, he opened it, only to find a human-size Pringles can standing in front of him.


And yes, the long tubular can is filled with chips from the bottom to the brim!


Perfect social-distancing snack

Despite the unusual form, the creators at Pringles can be lauded as ingenious. With such a long can, there is no need to be near your colleague to offer them a snack in the office.


You can practically hold the can out to them across the room even if you were more than 2 metres away.

Whether you can or cannot bring it home is not the question

Now, how to take the towering snack home seems to be an issue.

The first task is knowing how to angle the can as you pass through doors.


The next challenge is figuring out how to walk around with swag, as though lugging an extra long tube of chips is an everyday occurrence.


The most important thing is to avoid hitting passersby walking around you. But with the current safe distancing measures, one may not struggle as much.


However, if the sheer weight and size are just too much to handle, the last resort is to sit by the pavement and finish the snack then and there.


Just be careful not to trip anyone over — the last thing you’d want is your chips spilling across the streets, and you dragging the ridiculously long can along while accompanying a stranger to the clinic.

Funniest thing to come out of 2020

This may be one of the best things to have happened in 2020.

After all, we can never have enough potato chips. Who knows, Pringles Japan might make the super tall cans permanent products.

We’re sure queues lining up for the products will be as long as, if not much longer than the cans themselves.

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Featured image adapted from SoraNews24.

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