Pritam Singh’s Mum Worked At McDonald’s To Keep Active, He Honours Her Resilience On Mother’s Day

Pritam Singh Honours Mum For Her Resilience In Entering The Workforce At Her Age

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and many were happy to pay tribute to their mums on social media by posting pictures with heartfelt messages.

Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh was no different. He, too, took the opportunity to honour his mother by sharing her story of resilience on Facebook and Instagram.


As he tells the story of his mum working at McDonald’s to keep active, he thanked her for the countless life lessons she has imparted to him throughout the years.

Mum asked Pritam Singh for ‘permission’ to work at McDonald’s

In his post, Mr Singh recalls his mother asking him a few years back whether he would be okay if she worked at McDonald’s to keep herself active.

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He remembers feeling bothered that she felt she had to ask him for “permission”.

As he thought about why she felt the need to do so, he wondered if she was afraid of people thinking lesser of him because she was working.

Mr Singh readily gave his mother the go-ahead, telling her he was proud of her.

But this was not without his own reservations and worries. After all, his mother had never been in the workforce.

He worried about her facing the realities of the working world in Singapore at such a ripe age.

After all, the working experience comes hand in hand with workplace politics, dealing with colleagues, amongst many other issues.

She inspires him to care more for seniors

But his worries prove unwarranted. His mother worked for a few years at McDonald’s and only stopped completely upon her doctor’s advice.

Mr Singh shared that his mother was adaptable and resilient, even in her golden years.

This experience with his mother made him take a special interest in mature workers and seniors he meets every day.


Mr Singh continues saying that it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Singapore life.

But if we could all see our mums and dads in the seniors we meet along the way, it will make for a better Singapore as we take on simple acts of kindness like giving up our seats for them and having more patience with them.

Concluding his post, Mr Singh wishes his mum Happy Mother’s Day as he thanked her for the many life lessons she has taught him.

He also expresses that she will always be his “rockstar”.

A better Singapore for all

Kudos to Mr Singh for opening up and sharing such a personal part of his life with us.

It is heartening to see our politicians share how their relationships inspire them in their everyday work.

Indeed, if we could see the humanity that binds us all with one another, we would make Singapore a better place for all of us.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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