A Man Has Proposed To His Girlfriend With Chili Crab And Broccoli

Un-un-un-un-believable! The girl actually said yes

Just as you think a proposal cannot get more epic, one man somehow managed to top it.

A proposal is probably the make or break to a relationship – it can be the most frustrating part of trying to win a girl over and convince her to spend the rest of your lives together. As the poor men are expected to rack their brains and execute a real life fairytale proposal, one particular guy came up with an unorthodox way of proposing – with a local flavour.

On 7 May, 23-year-old Mr Lim got down on one knee at VivoCity’s skypark to propose to his 22-year-old girlfriend of four years, Ms Lai with a bouquet of… chilli crab and broccoli.

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The idea must have been inspired by Chen Tian Wen’s Unbelievable MV.

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But of course, he also flashed out a diamond ring.

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Witnessed by over a hundred close friends and family members of the couple, Ms Lai was taken aback but touched. And crab… she said yes!

The pair started out as close friends about seven years ago, but eventually became a couple four years ago.

Mr Lim said:

I’m really eager to marry her because I am absolutely certain that she is my one and only. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.


Nonetheless, naysayers in the form of netizens were unimpressed. As always, they never fail to come up with other ideas…

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Anyhow, the girl said yes to a bouquet of broccoli and chilli crabs – she’s probably a keeper. Besides, the lovebirds could feast on the bouquet after the proposal. Killing two birds with one stone definitely makes it more economical.

In any case, we’d like to wish the couple a blessed marriage!

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