6 Puppies Rescued By Animal Shelter SOSD, Will Be Ready For Adoption Soon

Stray animals have it rough when they’re forced to survive on the streets on their own.

But thanks to efforts of animal shelter Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), the lives of 6 puppies will soon change for the better.

They have successfully rescued 6 adorable pups – each about 3 weeks old – off the streets.


As they are still young, they will only be put up for adoption in the coming months — after they’ve been vaccinated and micro-chipped of course.

3-week-old puppies rescued by SOSD

According to SOSD, they managed to rescue a litter of 3-week-old puppies with help from a kind feeder.


Unfortunately, their mummy was “a smart one” and evaded capture. So, these pups might have to grow up without her.


We take it that there were originally 7 pups all together, as SOSD noted that one had tragically passed away before being rescued.

Puppies are being care for by vets & nurses

As the search for the pups’ mother is ongoing, SOSD have brought the babies to the vet for treatment and health monitoring.


They’re currently being well looked after by vets and nurses of The Joyous Vet.

Save for some lice and a couple of ticks, SOSD shared,

They are doing well, and eating, peeing and pooping like monsters!

SOSD volunteers had also named the pups, comprising 5 males and a female:

  • Balou
  • Bello
  • Bosco
  • Bond
  • Bruce
  • Bella

Will be ready for adoption soon

As the puppies are still very young, SOSD highlighted that they are not ready for adoption yet.


In a few weeks’ time, they will be vaccinated and micro-chipped, before eventually being placed for adoption.


Animal lovers who would still like to make a difference can contribute to their milk powder, food, and health check funds for the next few months. Click here to donate.

Making a difference

All donations received also go towards providing food, medicine, and veterinary care for other dogs under SOSD’s care.

They may also be used to fund SOSD’s operational costs for running shelters and trap-neuter-release-management programmes.

So know that you’ll not only be making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable puppies, but SOSD as a whole too.

We hope these puppies will grow up healthy and strong, and find happiness in the arms of loving owners.

Featured image adapted from SOSD on Facebook.