S’pore Owners Allegedly Put Dog Down After Biting Incidents, Rescuer Mourns Loss

Rescuer Mourns Loss Of Dog Allegedly Put Down By Owners, Instead Of Being Sent Back To Welfare Group

Becoming a pet owner involves serious commitment because we need to be responsible to keep our furry friends healthy. However, not every pet owner consistently commits.

A Singaporean rescuer named Theng claims that a family euthanised their healthy adopted dog. The dog was put down after a series of biting incidents.

Here’s his full post on Facebook.

The full post is continued here

We’ve summarised the rescuer’s side of the story below.

Adopters allegedly put healthy dog down after

Theng was devastated upon hearing the tragic passing of a dog named “Loki”. The dog was adopted by a couple 2.5 years ago. At the time of his death, Loki would’ve been 3 years and 2 months old.


The owners allegedly put down the dog because Loki bit a girl and the pet owner. They didn’t want to risk having Loki around as they were welcoming a baby to their household too. They claimed that they had tried to send him to another home, but were unsuccessful.


Since the baby was born last April, Theng expressed the irony of bringing a new life into the world, at the expense of another.

Failed to explore other avenues

Theng claims that the family could’ve explored a few avenues before putting down their perfectly healthy dog.

The couple could have consulted a dog trainer in the past 9 months to prepare Loki and the owner for the arrival of the baby.


If all else failed, the couple could easily return their pet back to the rescuer. Their pet welfare group could have helped to find a new home for him.

Unfortunately, the couple resorted to euthanasia, otherwise known as a “good death”.

Theng questioned their actions and wrote,

Did an apparently happy and healthy dog who perhaps simply nipped at someone in play deserve death?

Rescuer apologises to the dog for sending it to its killers

Euthanasia is usually reserved for dogs that are old or with deformities or illnesses. Rather than a death sentence, it is a method used to put a stop to prolonged suffering.

Theng characterised the death as the manifestation of the phrase, “die like a dog”.

He also apologised to Loki for picking the wrong home and claims that he was “mercilessly executed”.

He took the blame for being the person who unknowingly sent Loki to his killers.

Euthanasia as a last resort

We haven’t heard of the owners’ side of the story yet so please reserve your judgment.

In the meantime, only turn to euthanasia as a last resort for your pets. This procedure is meant for dogs that are suffering due to illness and serious health conditions.

If you want to send your pet to another home, then please approach a nearby animal welfare group. There are plenty of pet lovers looking for furry friends, so don’t resort to drastic measures.

Our condolences go out to those who have cared for Loki while he was alive. May he rest in peace in puppy heaven.

Featured image from Vet Voice and Facebook.

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