Missing Kitten Allegedly Sent For Euthanasia; Cat Welfare Group Refutes Netizen’s Claims

Paralysed Kitten Allegedly Sent For Euthanasia By Animal Welfare Group, Claims Netizen

We all believe that kittens deserve to live a healthy life in a forever home with lots of TLC.

The world isn’t perfect, so many rely on animal welfare groups to rescue pets and find compassionate owners. But a cat rescue society has recently come under scrutiny for the whereabouts of a young kitten named R8.

R8 was allegedly rescued by an animal welfare group and taken to a clinic for euthanasia due to her “deformity”. Instead of putting her to sleep, the clinic contacted a netizen with experience at handling cats with similar issues.

On Wednesday (28 Feb), the netizen claimed that the rescuers wanted R8 returned and had her euthanised.

Here’s the post in full:


Kitten with a paralysed hindleg

The netizen shares that he just met R8 when a clinic contacted him to help care for the 5-6 week old kitten.


According to him, the cat had been surrendered by a ‘cat welfare group’ who decided on euthanasia as a way out from a poor quality of life for the cat, due to his paralysed hindleg.

The cat welfare group allegedly changed its mind about the situation and later contacted the netizen to return the kitten.

Missing & stolen kitten?

The netizen adds that the kitten involved suffers from slight paralysis in her back leg and was reportedly stolen.


He allegedly got in touch with the welfare group who deleted their previous Facebook posts about the cat but they ‘slammed the phone’ down, after he attempted to contact them.


Animal welfare group responds

After the post went viral, the animal welfare group involved – presumed to be Save Our Street Kittens Singapore (SOKS) – posted a response on Facebook.

The group wrote that the netizen only understood a “small part of the story” and “published false information”. They said that the details of the case would not be discussed with “parties who were not originally involved”.


Nevertheless, R8’s location is unknown at present.

Harassment from welfare group

On Thursday (29 Feb), the netizen claimed that a member from the welfare group harassed him with a private message that included vulgar curses.


In a post, he responded to their accusations of defamation with a post that contained his version of the events.


Hope kitten is found soon

With any luck, the parties involved will confirm the fate of the missing kitten.

Most importantly, if you find a kitten that resembles R8’s features, please contact any of the parties involved.

MS News hopes that R8 is found soon.

Featured image from Facebook.

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