Maggots Found In Quail Eggs Nearly 2 Weeks Before ‘Best Before’ Date

Food safety has been a key concern among Singaporeans after our country saw 7 cases of mass food poisoning in 2018 alone.

Singapore Has Faced 7 Cases of Mass Food Poisoning In 2018 Alone

As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many Singaporeans are now more cautious about what they’re putting into their mouths.

Recently, a netizen by the name of Geraldine Chua was horrified to find live maggots in the quail eggs that she bought from Bedok NTUC.

Calling for more “stringent checks”, Ms Chua uploaded a video on Sunday (9 Dec) showing the extent of the infestation on the supermarket chain’s Facebook page.

NTUC Fairprice has since responded to Ms Chua’s claims in a comment.


Regardless, here’s the viral video in full. We also summarise it after the jump.

Unwanted crawlies

In the video, white maggots can be seen crawling in a pale-brown liquid at the bottom of the egg carton’s dimple.


A half-cracked quail egg that was infested with maggots was held up for the viewer in the video. Brown liquid resembling that found in the dimple, was also present within the egg.

The egg sitting adjacent to the maggot-filled dimple appeared fine, with no signs of damage or infestation.

Towards the end of the 11-second video, the lid was closed by the person in the video, revealing the egg supplier — Chef.


The ‘Best Before’ date of the eggs – 20 Dec – was also shown on the lid.

That’s nearly 2 weeks after the video was uploaded. This means that the eggs should have been edible when the video was taken.

Not the first case in Singapore

In February this year, a carton of eggs from Giant’s Tampines branch was also infested with maggots. You can read more about it here.

Similar to the previous case, it is likely that the worms seen in this video are maggots hatched from the eggs of flies laid in broken egg shells.

While accidental consumption of maggots may cause one to fall sick, it is common to find other non-harmful parasites and worms in quail eggs.

Be careful about your food

We hope nobody was seriously affected by this maggot infestation.

Meanwhile, let this serve as a reminder for us all to be extra vigilant about the food that we’re consuming.

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