Young Queensway Store Owner Befriends Aunties From Nearby Shop, They Bond Over Sewing Lessons

Queensway Store Owner Befriends Aunties Over Love For Sewing

Much has been said about how the older and younger generations are at odds with one another. Trends these days seem to perplex even the most attentive boomers and millennials.

However, that has not stopped a young store owner in Queensway from befriending his neighbours.

Having opened up a vintage store at Queensway Shopping Centre, the young store owner slowly made friends with two elderly seamstresses from a shop nearby.

After expressing his interest in sewing, the aunties slowly warmed up to him and have remained close friends ever since.

He now regards the two aunties as part of his family, even connecting them with his grandmother, who’s grown fond of them.

Queensway store owner befriends aunties in neighbouring unit

In a TikTok video shared on 30 Sep, which has accrued over one million views, user @simmyboiiiiiii shares the story of how he befriended two aunties while leasing a shop at Queensway Shopping Centre.

As the story goes, Aunties Patricia and Belinda are a seamstress duo working out of a shop there too.

In 2020, the OP rented a retail space at the mall for his clothing venture, directly opposite the aunties.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

The store was well-received and became a popular haunt for mallgoers that year. Although they were neighbours, the OP admitted it was hard for him to introduce himself to the aunties.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

That changed when he asked the pair to participate in a photo shoot for his project that year.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

Aunties teach Queensway store owner how to sew

Once they had broken the ice, the OP told the aunties about his interest in sewing, prompting the pair to take him under their wing and teach him how to sew.

After three months, he was now ready to make his handmade products.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

He sewed and made 40 bags, saving two for his favourite aunties. Although they were quick to point out his shoddy sewing job, they were all smiles when they posed with their bags.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

To thank them for all they had done, the OP even cooked for the aunties occasionally.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

Queensway store owner introduces grandmother to aunties

Having fostered a wholesome relationship, the OP decided to introduce his grandmother to the pair, and they “instantly clicked”.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

His grandmother has grown so fond of her newfound friends that she would bug the OP to take her to visit them.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

The elderly friends would often meet up to share food, stories and gossip. The OP even invited the pair to his home to celebrate his birthday in 2022.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

And although they stressed for weeks to find the perfect birthday gift, they eventually settled for a fruit basket.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

OP says they even slid in angbaos and told him to save the money for rainy days.

Thanks aunties for treating him as their own

The OP spared no expense when describing the aunties, saying Aunti Belinda is your typical “paggro yet caring protector” and someone who sends him good morning and night texts.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

She even reminds him to take his meals on time and to sleep early.

On the other hand, Auntie Patricia is an “unassuming sweetheart” who will fill you with “so much calmness and joy.”

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

The OP says that he often visits her at Queensway just to chat, which would “instantly make his day better.”

Ending his post, the OP proclaims his love for the aunties and thanks them for treating him as their own.

Source: @simmyboiiiiiii on TikTok

Visit the kind aunties for all your alteration needs

If you have something in your closet that needs altering, you can visit the aunties here:

Wei Mun Enterprises
Address: #02-44A Queensway Shopping Centre, 1 Queensway, Singapore 149053
Nearest MRT: Queenstown Station

You’ll be able to find the OP’s store nearby, or you can follow them on Instagram for the latest updates.

Friendships can transcend age differences

This story proves that despite their age difference, folks from every generation can form lasting friendships.

Especially as younger folk, we can always learn something from the older generation if asked.

Hopefully, their friendship lasts for a long time, and they will spend many more special occasions together.

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Featured image adapted from @simmy_boi on Instagram and @ryansimphotography on Instagram.

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