Dehydrated & Starving Rabbit Found At Lim Chu Kang Cemetery, Taken To SPCA

Funeral Service Finds Starving Rabbit In Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

You’d usually associate pet funeral services with the sad departure of animals from our world.

However, pet funeral organisation At Takwa Services became the source of life for one rabbit they found dehydrated and starving in Lim Chu Kang Cemetery.

They rescued the fluffy white bunny from the cemetery. Sadly, it looked to be in bad shape.

Source: At Takwa Services on Facebook

The pet funeral service brought the rabbit in a box to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

Rabbit starving & dehydrated in cemetery

At Takwa Services provides a service that is both heartbreaking yet important. The organisation offers the last rites for the beloved pets who have departed the world of the living.

But on 15 Sep, they uploaded a Facebook post, this time about rescuing an animal from the verge of death.

The service’s staff discovered a fluffy white rabbit at the Lim Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery. Amidst the solemn tombs, the adorable bunny lay next to a stack of bricks, each one larger than itself.

Source: At Takwa Services on Facebook

The dry cemetery possessed no water source, and with the sun beating down on the poor critter, At Takwa Services assessed it as “totally dehydrated and starving”.

The staff rescued it, placing it into a plastic crate. The time spent in the cemetery seemed to have taken its toll on the animal.

Source: At Takwa Services on Facebook

Its legs were devoid of fur, revealing its bony limbs. The fur on its belly and feet was a dirty yellow, making for a pitiable sight. Wide, glazed eyes stared towards the camera.

Rabbit suspected to have escaped or abandoned by owner

The funeral service brought the rabbit to the SPCA to be cared for, as seen from a handling form next to the tiny rabbit.

Source: At Takwa Services on Facebook

It is not clear how the rabbit came to be starving alone in the middle of a cemetery.

A commenter suspected it to be an abandoned pet, saying, “Who abandoned the rabbit there. Oh no…”.

Source: Facebook

The speculation is not baseless. There are no wild rabbits in Singapore, so it seems most likely that it was a pet that either escaped or was abandoned.

Another netizen asked about the possible adoption of the rabbit. At Takwa Services replied that they would enquire with the SPCA.

Source: Facebook

SPCA says rabbit will be available for adoption

In response to MS News‘ queries, the SPCA confirmed that a kind member of the public had brought the rabbit to them on 15 Sep.

The poor animal, they noted, was “abandoned and alone, exposed to harsh weather conditions without food or water”.

An examination by a vet also uncovered evidence of neglect.

“He was found to be undernourished with overgrown incisors, tangled fur around his face, and traces of food were matted into his fur,” the statement reads.

“Additionally, there were bald patches on his limbs, a possible result of his efforts to remove the food through grooming.”

The rabbit is now under the expert care of the SPCA. He has undergone some much-needed grooming and continues to receive all the necessary veterinary care and support.

As soon as the bunny regains his strength and health, he will be available for adoption to a home where he will hopefully be able to get all the proper love and care he deserves.

The SPCA added that they have escalated this case to the authorities.

Fine & jail term for pet abandonment

Ending off their statement, the SPCA took the opportunity to remind the public of the consequences of dumping their pets.

“It is disheartening to witness such instances of neglect and abandonment,” they said. “Abandonment is a serious offence that puts the abandoned animal in danger.”

Under the Animals and Birds Act, those found guilty of pet abandonment can be fined up to S$10,000, jailed for up to 12 months, or both.

“In the event pet guardians are no longer able to care for their pets, we encourage them to seek assistance from friends, family and animal welfare groups,” the organisation urged.

The SPCA is not able to accommodate all surrender requests due to space constraints. However, pet guardians can responsibly rehome their pets using their rehoming noticeboard here.

Earlier this year, someone spotted a lone rabbit at Tampines Eco Green, which was rescued by the SPCA.

Lone Rabbit Spotted At Tampines Eco Green Now Rescued & Safe In SPCA’s Care

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Featured image adapted from At Takwa Services on Facebook.

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