Resident Spots Epic Rat Fight At Void Deck With Cat In A Corner

We’ve heard of Tom and Jerry, we’ve heard of cat fights, but rat fights? This is a first.

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The battle of the century — the boldness displayed between these 2 rats as they engaged in a fist fight at a void deck was anything but mousey.

Rat fight caught on video by passer-by

The resident was on her way home on 8 Jul when she caught sight of the intense rat fight breaking out.

In true Singaporean fashion, when a fight breaks out, we watch from afar and record it on your phone.

We are certainly glad she managed to catch this paw-to-paw combat on video. It’s not everyday you get to see something like this in our urban jungle.

Rat fight highlights

If you haven’t got time for the full video, not to worry. Here are some highlight reels.

It looks like these little rodents were out to take each other down fiercely and intensely. We watch as one rat tries to pin the other to the ground.

rat fightSource

A fist fight quickly ensues.

rat fightSource

To add to the dramatics of the epic battle, the friendly neighbourhood cat watches on as an innocent bystander.


The cat was certainly glad to be kept out of the fight. Just look at how transfixed he is on the sight before him.

All’s well that ends well, at least in the video

The video ends with the rats amicably parting ways, exhausted from the fight.

The true winner at the end of the day might just be the innocent bystander. The OP writes in her Facebook post that the cat quickly gave chase to one of the rats after the fight.

Even though the fight was brief, it was – paws down – one of the best animal fights we’ve ever witnessed.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.