10 Types Of Netizen Reactions To Australia’s Snuff Puppets In Singapore

Australia scatters “body parts” for gifts onto Singapore’s shores, netizens go WTF

Australia has taken their SG50 gifts to a whole new level.

Don’t be alarmed if you see these puppets on the streets. They’re part of Australia’s SG50 gift to Singapore. http://str.sg/USW

Posted by The Straits Times on Wednesday, 20 May 2015

If you thought these giant Hand, Mouth, Foot and Eye Snuff Puppets are weird enough, think again, because they’re only the tip of iceberg:

Everybody – Outdoor installation – Summersalt Festival from Snuff Puppets on Vimeo.

Snuff Puppets, a puppet company founded in Australia, is an alternative to theatre and art in the form of an entire family of similar parading giant puppets. I personally feel that the “Everybody” puppet (a giant, 26.5m human puppet with interactive body parts and organs) is one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen in my life.

We curate some of the best comments on these weird Australian puppets that kids apparently “love”.

Best internet reactions to the Snuff Puppets

1. The joker


This reminds me of how I want to spend this coming Sunday asking the puppet to point the finger just for my amusement. Ha ha ha ha…… ok bye.

2. Making references to a Singapore crisis, check


3. The sad truth


She has 37 likes because we can’t help but agree.

4. No money no talk


I’ll be getting myself an endless supply of Llao Llao, thank you very much.

5. The koala maniac


Tedd, just admit it, you have a secret cupboard full of koala plushies.

6. hornyboi123


7. evenhornierboi123


Bruh, fly to Australia right now because Snuff Puppets have giant ass titties waiting for you:


8. This hasn’t gotten old, sadly


So o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-overused…………. (yes, I counted the number of ‘O’s.)

9. The traffic warden


All Frankie needs is this:


Last but not least:

10. WTF


Well what are you waiting for? Frolick with the body parts at these times and places:


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