S’pore Launches Real-Time Maps That Let You Siam Crowds In Malls & Parks

Real-Time Singapore Maps Help Show You Where Crowds Are Gathered

With stringent social distancing measures expected to gain full steam in the weeks ahead, you may be wondering how to siam the crowds without disrupting your daily routines.

That’s where we can rely on the wonders of modern technology — aka real-time maps that show where crowds are gathered.

Spaceout – launched by Gov.sg on Saturday (4 Apr) – does exactly what its name entails.

Accessing the site is as simple as clicking the URL here, which will take you directly to a map of Singapore.

Use real-time maps to avoid the kiasu shopping crowds

Most “non-essential” stores are due to close for a month from Tuesday (7 Apr), so you’d assume there’d be much fewer people at malls.

But don’t forget that food places and supermarkets will still be open, which only means one thing — customers stocking up on basic necessities.

Image courtesy of an MS News reader

Since malls are likely to continue with safe distancing measures like controlling visitor counts, there may still be lines forming outside on certain days when people flock to buy items.

If only there was a way to know beforehand, so you can save yourself from queuing.

Thankfully, the government has thought of that before any of us could complain, and created SpaceOut.Gov.Sg, an interactive real-time map.


According to the website, the map helps you “find out crowd levels in malls across Singapore before you head out to buy essential goods and services.”

You can zoom in and out on certain areas and click on the multi-coloured dots to check the crowds at different malls.


They even gauge crowds throughout the day so you can estimate before going.

If only this existed way before the outbreak. Those of us who hate crowds would’ve appreciated the platform.

Nonetheless, SpaceOut.Gov.Sg may become an indispensable tool, especially with serious concerns about safe distancing now.

Exercise or take a walk in peace

Fortunately for us, we can still carry out leisurely activities like exercising or taking a walk in the park.

While sweating it out feels great and healthy, doing so in close proximity with others may not be very pleasant.


We’re not sure how they’re tracking crowds in parks, but National Parks Board (NParks) has managed to do it with Safe Distance @ Parks.

The platform works the same way as SpaceOut.Gov.Sg, so you’ll have no trouble navigating.

Now you can siam all the others who also wish to get some fresh air, keeping safe and fit at the same time.

Stay home & avoid crowds as much as possible

Both sites are still under development, so don’t expect to get full features right away.

Regardless, the basics available now are good enough, so make full use of the convenience.

Better still, stay home if you don’t have a necessary reason to go out, and limit interactions to your direct family only.

A large part of Singapore’s ability to overcome Covid-19 relies on all of us, so let’s do our best to comply with the advisories.

Featured image adapted from SpaceOut.Gov.Sg and Facebook.

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