Beautiful NTU Halls Look Like They’re Right Out Of IKEA Or Kinfolk Magazines

Being in school can be such a dread, but not when you have pretty retreats to escape to right on campus.

Some creative Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students who’ve transformed their halls into homely abodes can count themselves lucky.

Here’s a peek at one, just to entice you a little.


With an aesthetically pleasing room like that, you can breathe easy knowing that there’s comfort not far from your exhausting classes.

NTU halls are aesthetic room goals

For many of us who still stay in family homes, we often get very little say about how to decorate the unit.

So when it comes to having our own space, most typically our university halls, we enjoy getting free reign.

These students’ creative juices really flowed, as they transformed their room into a Scandinavian paradise.


The decor is so on point, they don’t even miss small details like scented candles and mini flower vases.


That photo looks like something out of an IKEA catalogue.

A paradise away from home

As much as they try to recreate the comforts of home, the occupants also go one step further by fashioning an idyllic space reminiscent of island resorts.


The greenery all around definitely sets a relaxing atmosphere, perfect to wind down in after a tiring day of lectures.

The immaculate furnishing extends even to the shared bathroom, which residents keep in order as they have to clean the area themselves.


The bathroom looks so spotless, your reflection in the mirror won’t be the only thing you admire in there.

Luxury in a humble university dorm room

We aren’t sure where they sourced their decor from, but surely you won’t need anything too expensive to make your room look like this.


The minimalist vibe means you won’t need much, and there are always affordable options like Daiso and even IKEA to turn to for materials.

Of course, transforming a dull space into a luxurious one takes effort, but with some originality, anything is possible.


Study & stay at NTU

These gorgeous photos are part of NTU’s effort to promote the institution for the incoming intake in the second half of the year.


According to the Facebook post, freshmen get 2 years of accommodation guaranteed, so securing a room in one of the halls will be pretty easy.

If you’re a prospective student considering the option, why not let these photos inspire you to apply for a room of your own?

Or share it with a friend, and collaborate to decorate one of the most beautiful rooms on campus.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.