Nurses To Get ‘Retention Payment’ In 2022 & 2023, MOH Planning Enhanced Package

Singapore Nurses To Receive Additional Payment As Part Of Enhanced Package

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, everyone from all walks of life struggled.

However, it was particularly difficult for healthcare workers, who struggled to cope with the sheer amount of work. As a result, many of them chose to resign, resulting in manpower crunches across the industry.

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In an effort to encourage nurses to remain in the profession, the Ministry of Health (MOH) will be giving out enhanced payment packages to them.

More details about this will be revealed on Nurses’ Day next Monday (1 Aug).

Ong Ye Kung announces ‘retention payment’ for nurses

Speaking at the Healthcare Scholarships Award Ceremony 2022 on Friday (29 Jul), Health Minister Ong Ye Kung highlighted the importance of the healthcare workforce in Singapore.

He said that there is a need to keep up efforts to “build up this workforce, in size, capability, and quality”.

With Nurses’ Day just around the corner, he chose to address this group of healthcare heroes specifically.

Naming remuneration as one factor that determines the attractiveness of the healthcare sector, Mr Ong noted that they performed a salary review for nurses in 2021.

The second phase adjustment was just completed this month.

In addition, as the pandemic brought about “extraordinary circumstances”, MOH awarded Special Bonuses in 2020, as well as a Covid-19 Healthcare Award last year.

However, he acknowledged that there is a need to do more. Mr Ong said,

As the pandemic is still ongoing with a major burden falling on our nurses, I think they are deserving of another payment, perhaps structured as a nurses’ retention payment.

In particular, there will be an “enhanced package” for nurses in 2022 and 2023. MOH will reveal the details on Nurses’ Day next Monday (1 Aug).

Mr Ong also pointed out the need to create a “supportive work environment” for nurses. This will include:

  • Deploying Healthcare Attendants
  • Encouraging family members to assist in patients’ daily activities
  • Streamlining away unnecessary administrative work
  • Introducing technology
  • Improving IT systems

Once they’ve addressed these major determinants, there should be efforts to attract young people into the nursing profession.

Fortunately, Mr Ong believes that nurses have become more well-regarded in society.

They are often seen as heroes and role models, and it is now common to meet young people, both men and women, who aspire to be nurses or allied health professionals.

Our nurses deserve more recognition

The pandemic has proven how vital nurses are in society, and they should be treated and rewarded accordingly.

Hopefully, the package will be attractive enough to get them to stay and continue their crucial work on the frontlines.

After all, it’s definitely a much better incentive than just getting people to clap and cheer for them.

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