GrabFood Rider Blinded By Sun At Marina South Pier, Collides With Stationary Lorry

Rider Shares TikTok Video Of Him Colliding With Lorry At Marina South Pier

Motorcyclists in Singapore are often subjected to harsh weather conditions. From the blistering heat under the afternoon sun to torrential downpours, these conditions can be dangerous to riders.

On Monday (17 Jan), a GrabFood rider shared a video on TikTok of him being blinded by the sun at Marina South Pier.


a week has passed and everything still hurts & it was only a month since I got my bike out of the workshop😭 #tiktoksg #sgrider #grabfoodsg #cb400x

♬ Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

This led to him colliding with a lorry parked by the side of the road.

The rider shared that he sustained several injuries, including a broken finger and broken teeth.

Rider collides with a stationary lorry at Marina South Pier

In the TikTok video taken about a week ago, the rider was seen biking along Marina Coastal Drive.

As he turned a bend, the sunbeams hit him.


The orange glow blinded him, and he could be seen trying to use one hand to shield his eyes.


Since the sun’s glare compromised visibility, he said he decided to keep a safe distance between himself and the van ahead of him.

However, all of a sudden, the van ahead curiously switched lanes.

Before he could even process the incident, a stationary lorry came into view before him, and he collided with it.


As the rider was still trying to get his bearings, mere seconds later, the rider shared that his head was hit by a passing taxi.


Rider sustained injuries

In the aftermath of the accident, the rider questioned why lorries were parked along the road.


He sustained bruises, a broken finger, broken teeth, and body aches from the accident.

Nonetheless, he said he was thankful for passers-by who stopped to help him when he passed out.

He added that it’s been a week since the accident, but he is still recovering.

The rider urged the public to pay attention to other motorists and reminded everyone to ride safe.

Lorries commonly park along Marina Coastal Drive

Many netizens commented that lorries would typically park on both sides of the road along Marina Coastal Drive.


One netizen said the lorries are parked there to prepare to send goods to the pier.


A quick search on Google Maps also reveals many lorries parked along the right side of the road.


Wishing the rider a swift recovery

This was certainly an unfortunate accident for the rider, but it also shows the importance of wearing the proper headgear to protect yourself on the road.

Later, the rider concurred with netizens that it would be safer to wear a full helmet with a built-in visor.

MS News wishes the rider a speedy recovery ahead.

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Featured image adapted from Luqman Sha on TikTok.

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