Japanese Voice Actress Draws Guide For Fans Attending Concert, Tips Include Bathing

Rie Takahashi Tells Fans To Bathe Before Coming To Her Concert

Anyone who has ever been in a crowded place, such as the MRT during peak hour or a sold-out concert, would know that it isn’t exactly the most fragrant-smelling environment.

This especially applies to anime conventions, which are apparently notorious for smelling really bad. So much so that websites have even published guides on how to ‘survive’ them.

Rie Takahashi is apparently all too aware of this stinky phenomenon — the Japanese voice actress and singer recently sketched a cute guide for fans attending her concert.

One of the tips was to take a shower before showing up to avoid subjecting other concertgoers to unpleasant body odour.

Rie Takahashi shares tips for attending her concert, reminds fans to bathe

On 26 Feb, Takahashi held her first live concert in Tokyo.

The 29-year-old is best known for being the voice behind popular characters like Hu Tao from the ‘Genshin Impact’ games and Megumin in the ‘KonoSuba’ anime film adaptation.

Rie Takahashi bathe

Source: LisANi!

A day before the show, Takahashi took to Twitter to share a hand-drawn guide for fans going to watch her perform.

The adorable and very detailed infographic includes basic tips like carrying a small bag and bringing a power bank, but one particular section caught everyone’s attention.

Rie Takahashi bathe

Source: @taka8rie on Twitter

Near the bottom right corner of the page is a simple sketch of a person bathing.

Yup, Takahashi is encouraging fans to take a shower before going to the showcase. This is so they can avoid bothering other attendees with any nasty smells.

Insider notes that anime events, such as concerts and conventions, have an unfortunate reputation for being pretty smelly places due to an unfortunate mixture of sweat and various odours.

Perhaps that is why Takahashi decided to include that point in her ‘survival guide’.

Recommends wet wipes & dry shampoo as an alternative

Under the tweet, one fan pointed out that they are unable to take a bath due to an injury. However, they said that they would bring perfume instead.

Takahashi replied to the user, suggesting that they use wet wipes and dry shampoo instead as not everyone will be fond of perfume.

Another netizen gushed over how Takahashi cares so much for her fans even though she’s such a huge star.

Source: @taka8rie_staff on Twitter

While a review of Takahashi’s concert states that it was a success, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of whether fans paid heed to her advice, but let’s hope that they did.

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Featured image adapted from @taka8rie on Twitter and Twitter.

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