3 Men Rob Money Changer In Johor With Weapons Outside Office Building, 2 Suspects Captured

3 Men Seen Robbing Money Changer In Johor With Machete & Axe

Three men have been caught on video robbing a money changer outside an office building in Johor Bahru.

The robbery occurred on Monday (13 Mar) at 9.45am outside Teega Tower Office.

Three perpetrators got out of their vehicles, yielding a machete and axe as they ambushed the money changer in his car.

robbing money changer Johor

Source: China Press Johor on Facebook

Following that, one of them got away with a bag allegedly containing cash.

However, police have since arrested two men suspected to be linked to the case.

Money changer was locked in struggle with armed robbers

In a video taken by onlookers and shared with China Press Johor, a black car appears to be flanked by another black and a white car.

The money changer is supposedly behind the wheel of the black car and repeatedly drives back and forth into the other two vehicles to escape.

robbing money changer Johor

Source: China Press Johor on Facebook

While doing so, three men, believed to be the perpetrators, jump out and start clinging to his car.

Armed with a machete and axe, they forced the victim’s car doors open.

Subsequently, the victim and robbers find themselves locked in an intense tussle as the car rocks back and forth.

At the same time, the money changer keeps honking his car horn to alert others to the situation, though seemingly to no avail.

Behind the camera, the onlookers are audibly commenting on the incident as it unfolds before their eyes.

Although they did not appear to have intervened personally, at one point, they managed to zoom in to get a clearer look at the robbers’ car plates.

Money changer tried to escape robbing, but car stalled

As the robbery escalates, the money changer appears to make another attempt to escape by ramming into one of the perpetrators’ cars behind him.

It is here that the robber standing closest to the victim repeatedly cuts him down with the machete, supposedly in an attempt to stop him.

robbing money changer Johor

Source: China Press Johor on Facebook

Undeterred, the money changer accelerates his car and cuts past the other vehicle blocking him.

However, just when it appears he is about to make it out of the foyer, his car stalls, giving the robbers another chance to attack.

Source: China Press Johor on Facebook

The two cars flanking him previously also take this opportunity to surround him from the front and back once more.

As the machete-yielding robber continues to attack and distract the victim, another manages to haul a big bag of cash out.

He then loads it into the white car.

Johor police have arrested two suspects linked to robbing

Iskandar Puteri district police chief ACP Rahmat Ariffin said that they have arrested two men believed to be involved in the robbery, New Straits Times reported.

Police took them into custody 24 hours after the incident. They ended up seizing S$3,014 (RM10,000) in cash and machetes.

The suspects have since admitted to hitting the victim’s car and injuring him. Additionally, one of them already has criminal records.

According to the police chief, the victim sustained head injuries but is now in stable condition. He has been discharged from the hospital.

Investigations are ongoing as police have yet to locate the whereabouts of the third suspect.

They are urging any witnesses with information to come forward to the headquarters to assist with the investigation.

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Featured image adapted from China Press Johor on Facebook.

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